A big anniversary!

Isn’t it funny how time passes online? We launched in 2002, and just 3 years later, the immensely clever Tina Newton (one of my favorite people) launched her Rockin’ Sock Club with her company, Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Tina is the woman that invented Socks that Rock. The yarn that has caused more hours-long lineups at Maryland and Rhinebeck than (possibly) any other. It’s pretty gorgeous stuff.

Holy cow, look at all the cool stuff you get!
Holy cow, look at all the cool stuff you get! And that doesn’t even include the yarn!

So yeah, back to the anniversary thing. 10 years. TEN YEARS, people! This is huge. To celebrate, the 10th Anniversary Rockin’ Sock Club is going all out this year! Members get a kit every other month, and you can read all about what’s in that magical package here. One of the things that caught my eye was the special bag Tina has commissioned from Queen Bee Creations — it’s an optional add-on to the Club, and as someone who is a proud bag ho™, there’s no way I’d miss out on that.

Here’s something I really liked reading on the site about the club — this note on the FAQ page. “Note: Before purchasing, please take a minute to consider very carefully about whether or not a Sock Club that chooses the yarn, pattern, and color is right for you. We promise to challenge your color boundaries and expand your sock knitting horizons.

I love how beautifully honest this is. Be prepared to relinquish control and wonderful things will find their way to your mailbox every two months. It sounds pretty good to me.

To find out more about the Rockin’ Sock Club and sign up for the special 10th Anniversary edition, visit the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website.

Editor’s note: We’re not being paid to write this blog post, and we’re not getting free kits, either. We just love Tina and what she’s created at Blue Moon, and want to share the news about her Club with our readers. That’s one of the cool things about running your own magazine. We get to do stuff like this for good people who make good products.

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22 thoughts on “A big anniversary!

  1. Amelia Rowland

    I had forgotten about the Rockin Sock Club, I think this maybe the year I actually do it. Thanks for the reminder and the write up.

  2. Abigail

    Hi. A quick question. If a person was to buy the membership in the middle of the season, how would that work?


    1. Amy

      Sez Tina: “We shut down sign ups in March and if someone signs up between January and then, they do in fact get all 6 kits. We just ship out the first one once they sign up.”

      So there’s still time!

  3. Susan Torp

    I have always had a secret dream to join a sock club. Perhaps now is the time for the wind to blow, hunker down and make my dreams come true!!

  4. Jerre

    Been a member for several years and wait with great anticipation for each shipment! Socks that rock is my favorite sucks it doesn’t matter in what color. It’s tightly twisted and very comfortable. What can I say about the colors. Tina has almost perfect color cents and take inspiration from the world around her.

  5. Randon Pool

    I LOVE Knitty!!!!!! I sing your praises on a regular basis and tell people about you pretty much on a daily basis. I was not aware of Rocking Sock Club but will check it out. Thanks so much for being there!!!!!!

  6. Susan

    It’s been a few years since I’ve participated in Blue Moon’s sock yarn club. I don’t really have the time to do it this year but the patterns and yarns are so great I might do it anyway.

    1. IrishJenn

      I don’t do socks either, @Knitrageous, but check the description of what’s included. Each shipment includes TWO patterns – one for socks and one for a “non-sock” accessory! Woot! 🙂

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