Obsession Thursday: Peeping into someone else’s world, legally

Periscope. Voyeurism made legit.
Periscope. Voyeurism made legit.

Anyone who knows me knows I like shiny new toys, even if they’re virtual ones.

I heard about Periscope a few weeks ago and jumped on the bandwagon soon after. Unlike Vine, an app that lets you record 6-second videos that play on a loop (and are strangely mesmerizing), Periscope lets you see whatever the microcaster (rather than broadcaster) wants you to see. Their face or what they’re looking at. Someone tying their shoes? Baking bread. Or, like the guy I watched last week, shaving. Which was really fun, believe it or not. This is much better than an Instagram of my french toast, I promise. And if you’re lucky, you might catch the hypnotic stream from a guy in Japan who makes Edo Sudare — bamboo blinds (and other related things) as he works. I’m sure we’ll see more crafters using this platform soon.

As you microcast, everyone watching can hear you, but you can only read the messages viewers leave. Which can be scarce, or a crazy non-stop stream of chatter. The one-way audio makes sense…it would be aural cacophony otherwise! If you like what you’re watching, you tap the screen and leave a heart. Or a few hundred. And of course, like LIKEs, hearts are what the microcasters are after.

Yup, I’ve microcasted as well. (What a silly word, but it amuses me.) A few times, walking around craft environments like The Purple Purl or the City of Craft show. And a few times from my bed. Totally g-rated, I promise. While bedcasting™, I chatted with someone a few miles away from me, and a nice fellow in Buenos Aires.  These microcasts aren’t always saved for viewing later by anyone who wants to see…but they can be. So you have to catch the show while it’s happening.

It’s kind of addictive. Follow me under the username “knittydotcom”, should you be so inclined. And if you ever catch one of my microcasts, please do say hi! I’ve already met quite a few knitters through this silly thing!

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2 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: Peeping into someone else’s world, legally

  1. Thea J

    Am I the only person who asks, “Why?” This and Instagram and other such apps kinda creep me out.

    I don’t get why anyone wants to share themselves shaving (insert other activity) and why others want to watch.

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