Obsession Thursday: A man.

No, this is not a dating post. In fact, it could be a genderless post entirely, but I thought that title might catch your eye.

This is Christopher. He knits. We love him already.
This is Christopher. He knits. We love him already.

Knitty has a new man. His name is Christopher, and he is going to rock our world. He’s our new System Administrator. He lives in Rochester, NY, with his wife and children and he is a knitter. And he’s come to make Knitty behave better, in a server sense.

He and I have been talking via email and Skype, working to move Knitty to a more suitable server. Not a more expensive one. It turns out we had something twice as expensive as we need, and it still let you all down on launch days. (You know how you have to wait your turn to get in to see a new issue? For hours? Days? That bugs me too.)

So in order to make sure the new server we’ve chosen will do what we want it to, we need your help. It’s easy. Tonight at 7pm eastern time (same time zone as New York City), we’re asking you to come back here and click on the big link that you’ll find on this page. That will take you to what looks like the existing Knitty site, but it’s actually the new server which has a clone of the site. We want as many of  you as possible to try to hit it at the same time to see if it can take the pressure. Click on the main link. Then click around. Look at pages, follow links within the magazine. We’re trying to get thousands and thousands of clicks all at the same time, like we would on a launch day. Click for a while, read some articles, look at patterns. The more pressure we can put on the server for this test, the better.

We won’t need bug reports. Christopher is awesome at looking at the logs to see what happens, and we’ll both be sitting by our computers, watching this whole thing go down. We will monitor any feedback you have on Twitter with the hashtag #knittyservertest. If you want to follow what’s happening from our perspective, I’m at @knittydotcom

We love you guys, and getting us to a server that can finally handle our traffic properly is the first step in being ready for the future. Please spread the word about the test and set an alarm…come back at 7pm tonight and click!

PS The link will be posted here on the Knittyblog, on Twitter and also on our Facebook page. Remember: Going to the existing Knitty site won’t help the test. Please use the special link which I’ll make big and huge and very noticeable.

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11 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: A man.

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  2. Sue

    I’m so proud of Chris, and happy that you have found each other! When he walked into my beginner knitting class two years ago I NEVER would have guessed he’d be rubbing electronic elbows with AMY SINGER. When he told me today at our workplace, you could have knocked me over with a feather! But anyway, you’ve got a real gem there. Not only is Chris VERY smart with the computer stuff, he’s a really nice guy, and I’m really proud that my student is doing something SO COOL!

  3. Chris

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Sue!

    And I also can’t thank you enough for your beginner knitting class – without that, I would never have discovered knitting or heard of Knitty magazine!

    You also introduced me to high-quality yarn, and my bank account has never been the same – but I guess you have to take the bad with the good … 😉

  4. LynneW

    link doesn’t show here at 7:05 pm & the Facebook link yields “too many connections” on a white page

  5. Casa

    The link from the blog didn’t work (7:07) – not a live link. I cut and pasted and got a message about not being able to load/connect because of too many Connections

  6. Casa

    The link from the blog didn’t work (7:07) – not a live link. I cut and pasted the URL and got a message about not being able to load/connect because of too many Connections. Don’t know if you see when we can’t get to the page.

  7. Anke

    Wow, an invite for a DDoS attack…. Load tests should me performed automated, in a save environment. Not by real users…

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