Surprise Pattern: Angular Velocity Socks

The clever and gentlemanly Rich Ensor has designed another winning sock: the Angular Velocity.

He writes about the inspiration and the design process on his blog.

Now, I’m not just bringing your attention to this blog post because Rich says nice things about me… (it’s a mutual admiration) but because Rich illuminates the design process.

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5 thoughts on “Surprise Pattern: Angular Velocity Socks

  1. jess

    Rich Ensor should give us a little more credit, re: physics. Some of us do know why our spindles are rim-weighted.

    1. Rich

      I seem to have upset you, and I am very sorry for that.

      Based on your comment, I assume that you are reacting to this sentence in the pattern description: “This may only make sense to me, and I’m OK with that.”

      I’m guessing that you read that and thought that I was saying I may be the only person who understands physics. Please know, this wasn’t my intent.

      I was trying to make the point that the relationship between these socks and physics may only make sense to me. Other people may look at these socks and think that it’s a bit of a stretch to say these socks have anything to do with physics.

      I do appreciate your feedback. In future, I will try to be less vague in my writing.

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