Jillian’s Spinning: My New Batt Spinning Video!

Right before I taught at Yarn Fest this year, I taped two spinning videos for Interweave.

The first one is all about spinning batts. Personally, I love to spin batts. I love all the variations I can get in the texture of the yarn and how many tricks I can get the colors to do with striped batts.

I showed up at Interweave with a suitcase full of samples, maybe 40 different yarns, plus batts in various stages of prep and spin. I think I freaked them out a little. I didn’t end up using them all, but I couldn’t stop making them.

This video is about different ways to spin four different kinds of batts: solid, layered, striped and wild. What happens when they’re spun woolen or worsted, how to make them smooth or fluffy. For the layered and striped batts, how to get them to look tweedy or striped and how to control the length of the stripes. Wild batts confuse some spinners, I spin them a couple of ways. I either spin them so they are as wild as they can be, emphasizing all of the goodness or I spin them a little more demurely, hinting at the wildness. And of course there are lots more spinning ideas. I could have stayed in the studio with my samples and my wheel for days, but they only wanted an hour-ish long video, so I had to leave.

Here are some photos form the set:

My hands are always moving!
My hands are always moving!

The video shoot was a lot of fun, Interweave made it as stress free as possible. I even bought a new top to wear for the shoot, so I felt extra happy.

The video is called 12 (Plus!) Ways to Spin Batts

My new video!
My new video!

The download is available now and the DVD is available tomorrow. If you get it, let me know what you think! Also let me know if you like my new top.


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