Jillian’s Spinning: Tour de Fleece and My Measuring Your Yarn Webinar

How is your Tour de Fleece coming along?

A bit of my Tour de Fleece spinning
A bit of my Tour de Fleece spinning

I haven’t spun a lot, about 8 ounces total; I’ve been working on consistency and measuring so I’m pleased with my bit of spinning. Frankly, I thought it would be easier to fit in spinning over the 4th of July weekend, but I spent more time frolicking with friends and family than spinning. And there may have been a nap or two.  I also thought I would be able to spin during the Women’s World Cup, I spun a little, but it was too exciting I spent my time cheering on Team USA. That final game was incredible! There are still many days to spin and I know I can finish at least a pound. Are you hitting your TdF goals?


How to measure yarn


Are you curious about how to measure your handspun yarn? I am doing a web seminar on just that next Monday with Interweave. All of the info is here. If it interests you and you can’t attend the webinar you can still buy an archived recording.  With the recording you won’t be able to ask me questions live, but you know I’m always around for any questions, right here on the KnittyBlog.

In the webinar I’ll talk about the whys and hows of measuring your yarn. I’ll go into things like WPI, twist angle, TPI and grist and talk about ways to adjust your spinning to get the measurements you want.

The live webinar is Monday July 13 at 1 pm EST.

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2 thoughts on “Jillian’s Spinning: Tour de Fleece and My Measuring Your Yarn Webinar

  1. Renee Anne

    I’ve not been doing very well with TdF this year. I’m spinning, which is more than I’ve done in awhile. I’m still not very good at it so at this point, any spinning is practice and decent. I need to slow down my treadle….my feet go like I’m running a sprint. I just naturally treadle that way. Slowing down is really hard for me….but I need to. ::sigh::

    1. @jillianmoreno

      I treadle fast when I feel rushed, which leads me to yarn I don’t really like and a feeling of not being in control of my yarn. Do you have a bigger whorl to use with you wheel? That helps me when I know I’m going to be speed treadling!

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