WWW: Knitty’s editors are like toddlers – they’re everywhere when you least expect it!

This gal may be new to Knitty (thanks for the welcome peeps!), but I’m not new to the talents and charms of Knitty’s amazing editors.  Today’s blog is all about their fine talents and upcoming gigs.  Grab your calendar, and let’s plan a getaway whether it be London, Chicago, or our own living room.   Kate, Jillian, and Amy have some place to take us all!

Kate Atherley, editor extraordinaire (and peacamole prodigy) has heeded London’s call by offering a smorgasbord of amazing classes at the Great London Yarn Crawl 2015 on Saturday, September 5.



Classes are on sale now, and while I can’t promise she will serve her peacomole,  I can promise that her experienced offerings will knock your socks off!  I’m going to start packing now!

Our own brilliant brainiac, Jillian Moreno, has two fantastic offerings for your spinning toolbox.  To see her in action and to get a peek at her brilliant mind is always a treat!

12 (Plus!) Ways to Spin Batts is available as a DVD and a digital download.  With the dog days of summer underway here in North America, I plan to crank the A/C and spend a little quality time with Jillian!
12 ways batts cover

Do you find yourself frustrated measuring your spun yarn?  Want to accurately determine how much you are spinning and measure what you’ll need for your project?  Jillian is also leading a webinar for Interweave on July 13 entitled A Spinners Compass: How to Measure Your Yarn.  No more mystery skeins of unknown yardage?  Sign me UP!

How to measure yarn

At the helm of the Knitty mothership is beloved editor and Knitty goddess, Amy Singer, who is taking Chicago by storm at Vogue Knitting Live October 2-4.  The lineup of Amy’s classes is fantastic — everything from shawls, to socks to oodles of techniques and tech tips.  This is a fantastic event and an amazing venue. I’ve got my room reserved!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 9.21.43 AM

First there was Kinnear as coined by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and now we have news that the OED has embraced us with the addition of yarn bombing to their official lexicon.  Bonus points to the first person to Kinnear a yarn bombing!



Finally, there’s a couple of groovy tutorials and tips that have crossed our radar screens this week.  Karie Westermann recently posted a two-part blog series about all things lace.  Part 1 discusses the anatomy of a lace chart, and part 2 discusses how to read a basic lace chart.  Check it out if you’ve been leery of lace or a little unsure about charts.


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.44.15 PM


Have a fantastic day!


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