Les Belles Bouclettes Mohair Yarn Giveway

It seems we’re a little giveaway happy these day here on the KnittyBlog. Our advertisers keep offering us lovely things to give to our readers and we can’t say no, it would be rude, really.

Happy mohair goats
Happy mohair goats


Our latest giveaway is from a family owned and operated farm that raises mohair (angora) goats and turns the goat goodies into yarn, roving and soap.

Les Belles Bouclettes is located in eastern Ontario and in a few short seasons has grown from a modest beginning of fibers and soap into a thriving boutique stocking a selection of bath and body care products, ready made garments, accessories and  crafting kits.

You can peek in on the goats and the farm on their blog.



We have a skein of gorgeous white mohair yarn from Les Belles Bouclettes to give away, 400 yards of 3-ply fingering weight yarn, 60% mohair, 20% wool, 20% nylon.

Beautiful 3-ply yarn
Beautiful 3-ply yarn

To win this yarn follow our usual rules. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Tuesday, August 18th, 2015. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the Les Belles Bouclettes yarn. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance. Giveaway value $24.00

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222 thoughts on “Les Belles Bouclettes Mohair Yarn Giveway

  1. Nancy Gossett

    How gorgeous! I love natural yarn colors, love that you can look at the yarn and imagine the sheep who grew the lovely fiber.

  2. Noel

    I’m on a mission to knit through the stash, but a giveaway doesn’t count as buying yarn, does it?

  3. Samina

    That’s gorgeous stuff. Thanks for introducing me to a new yarn company. I’m off to check out their website.

  4. Jamie

    What wonderful looking animals! I did not know that the goats that provide us with mohair had such a heavy curly coat. I would love to try this yarn. Thanks for yet another terrific giveaway!

  5. AudeInAriège

    This is si beautiful ! Usually, I’m not fond of mohair but this particular one looks so soft that I want it now around my neck …

  6. Stacy

    Lovely animals and lovely yarn! I’ve been eyeing some patterns for shawls and would love to try out mohair in them.

  7. Katie Verna

    That is gorgeous yarn! Thank you, knittyblog and the lovely goats, for the opportunity to enjoy knitting it!

  8. Jessica G

    So pretty! And they’re just around the corner from Ottawa so I’ll have to check them out in person!

  9. Maureen

    Simply stunning yarn. I am sure it is a dream to work with and that all that is made up with looks wonderful.

  10. Lynn

    I enjoyed watching the shearing and seeing the photos/explanation of skirting. As a consumer, I have a better appreciation of what it takes to create all the beautiful yarns we use!

  11. Susie in Minnesota

    What lovely, lovely yarn! How my heart goes pitter-patter at just the right shade of beautiful white!

  12. Carrie

    That yarn is stunning. Looks like it would be delightful to play with it and make something gorgeous.

  13. Martha Donley

    Beautiful yarn. I love farm grown mohair, it is so much nicer than the commercial stuff.

  14. Carole Powell

    The lambs are adorbs and the yarn looks really yummy. Please enter me…..and thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Carlene Paquette

    I’ve bought fiber from this farm and it was a dream to spin up. I’m sure the sock yarn is going to make someone very, very happy.

  16. Margo McIntosh

    Love the look of this yarn and the story on the farm blog is lovely. Canadian fibre! YAY!!!!!!!

  17. Jessie Bird-Pardy

    Oh, what beautiful looking yarn! How wonderful would it be to have it come visit the North Atlantic coastline! I promise it would have a good time!

  18. Barb

    Oh my goodness! This would be beautiful to knit with and wearing the FO would be so warm and cuddly.

  19. Lisa Barrett

    This yarn sounds delicious! I would be very discerning in choosing a worthy pattern. Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. Elisabeth

    Thanks for this give away and thanks to the farm Les Belles Bouclettes (yeah, in french !) for this skein.
    Too gorgeous for socks (20% nylon, I noticed immediatly) ? But sometimes our feet need some luxury treat, no ?

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