Monday Morning Giveaway: Baker Street Scarf Yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Good Morning Mr Gaimen!
Good Morning Mr Gaiman!

Here’s a grand way to start the week. 1) Look at the photo above. 2) Enter to win the yarn to make the scarf. Sorry, the man and his marvelous brain do not come with it.

Tina, the color goddess of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, was inspired by the man and the Baker Street Scarf to create a a unique colorway called “Say Nevermore”, a sexy melange of midnight plus breaths of color to enhance the darkness.  Knitty and Blue Moon are giving away 2 skeins of “Say Nevermore” on Gaea, an organic merino yarn.

Say Nevermore on Gaea
Say Nevermore” on Gaea

To win follow our usual rules. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Friday, August 7th, 2015. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance. Giveaway value $47.00

Have a great week and pass the coffee!

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427 thoughts on “Monday Morning Giveaway: Baker Street Scarf Yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts

  1. Lizzie

    I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, Neil Gaiman, and ravens! So it would be fantastic to win the yarn for the Baker Street scarf!

  2. Deb from Kingston

    I love these dark, mysterious colourways. They can work for men or women, and every time you look at it, you see something just a little different. Love it!!!

  3. CharlotB

    Loved both the scarf and the yarn when I first saw is on the blog about the new book. Would love to win.

  4. Sarah

    I’ve adored this since first mention; Neil, knitting, BMFA… it’s like a verse from ‘My Favourite Things’.

  5. Joanne Olson

    very cool giveaway. But sorry for my ignorance, I don’t know the connection between Neil Gaiman & Sherlock.

  6. Adrienne Hansler

    Beautiful yarn from one of my favourite companies, based on one of my favourite themes!

  7. Cara

    I’ve been a Neil Gaiman fan for years, and I just love the color they came up with for him. “Say Nevermore” is just perfect!

  8. Stardancer

    Oh man. I LOVE Blue Moon’s Raven colorways. I would love to have some of their gorgeous yarn!

  9. Samina

    Tina’s color-sense is brilliant & that colorway is to die for. That’s going to be a gorgeous combo of color & pattern.

  10. Chirine Akhavan

    That midnight blue shade would go perfectly well with my son’s grey eyes….or would it make a beautiful toddler cardigan?

  11. David

    Oh, that is one beautiful yarn! And such a great pattern… off to look that one up.

    I met Tina, briefly, a couple of months ago at an event on Bainbridge Island. So lovely!

  12. Nancy Gossett

    What gorgeous colors! I already planned to make the scarf, but this makes me want to all the more!

  13. Matt McCauley

    That Colorway is beautiful. Wonderful subtle variations of blues. Blue moon fiber arts does amazing work!

  14. Kim

    That color combination is my catnip – dark blue and black. I would love to win and knit the scarf for my daughter. She is a huge Neil Gaiman fan.

  15. LittleRedDragon

    Neverwhere is one of my favourite books – that shadowy colourway really does evoke it. I’d love to win some (I’m in the UK though, is that OK?)

  16. Leslie C

    Nice color on that yarn. And the eye candy isn’t bad either. I know Neil doesn’t understand his own appeal, but hopefully he’s reconciled himself to the idea that he has it. 😉 And his “messy” hair is just fine as it is.

  17. Amy Sessions

    Oh my stars, how fabulous would this be to win?!?! The yarn colorway is gorgeous, the scarf pattern is fabulous, and the inspiration is one of my favorites.

  18. Theresa

    Beautiful colour way! Looks like a great pattern to work on while watching the kids play hockey this winter.

  19. Ann Marie Dunn

    I love this yarn. I am using it for a MKAL. I would really love a couple more skeins. I need to make some more blackish shawls.

  20. Elspeth

    My husband has met him at SciFi writing conventions. Would be an absolutely perfect present for him!

  21. Cory Coakley

    Oh my goodness, even my college boy was impressed with THIS issue of Knitty. Yes, please, enter my name in the contest!

  22. Aimee

    Ooh, I like the color way more in the close-up pick. I think I’d be bored with plain black. DH was surprised by the cover photo.

  23. Dari Trout

    How can you not love that color! What a fabulous giveaway! Always looking for something appropriate for men.

  24. Savannagal

    Love the color. Can’t really see the pattern too well on my monitor. Am I the only one who has no idea who that man is? Reminds me of a character in Harry Potter. But I honestly don’t know. I hope you don’t ask me who he is!

  25. Lisa B

    Tina and her team at BMFA are fabulous. Barn sale/dye day this past weekend was so much fun! As I told Tina, I like her color sense a whole lot better than mine – this one is no exception!

  26. Nicole Georgeff

    Would love to be considered! After I saw this pattern, I went out and got the “Geek Knits” book to look at! Wonderful patterns. Wonderful writer, and wonderful yarn. 🙂

  27. Kristin

    Lovely scarf, lovely yarn, lovely model. In the absence of Mr. Gaiman, I would be very happy to get my hands on the yarn and the scarf.

  28. Renee Anne

    Now, you’re absolutely *sure* we can’t have the lovely model and his brain? I know his (very pregnant) wife may object……but he’s so lovely 🙂

  29. Amanda Underwood

    While I enjoy the man’s brain (or at least reading what comes out of it)….. that yarn is too die for and needs to be mine. ;D

  30. Sue Collins

    Is it wrong that I ignored the man and focused solely on the yarn! Oh dear I must be getting old or simply odd – either way that’s a gorgeous skein of yarn

  31. Rebecca

    Can’t pass up a chance for that gorgeous color of yarn (thank you dyers!), even if it doesn’t include the hunk who’s wearing the scarf.

  32. Jamie

    I just received my order of STR Medium in “Say Nevermore” to knit myself a fall sweater. I really love this color way! Hope I win so I can have an entire outfit.

  33. Megan

    What a beautiful color way! It’s always great to find a nice dark yarn with lots of dimension. Looks perfect for fall/winter!

  34. alicia grayson

    Cool giveaway. I love the colourway and would be torn when deciding who to give it to – me or my hubby!
    alikat2004 on ravelry.

  35. Josiane

    It’s so great that BMFA offers this gorgeous colorway on a base of organic merino! I wish there were more organic yarns available…

  36. Karen

    I have been in love with this scarf and yarn since I first saw it. It would be great for my daughter who is a fan of both Neil Gaiman and Sherlock Holmes.

  37. Kate

    I was SO EXCITED to see Neil Gaiman on the cover of Knitty. It was that odd sensation of passions colliding in unexpected ways.

  38. Anne R

    I <3 Neil Gaiman's work. Some of the best reading I've done over the last year. And I love to knit. *fingers crossed*

  39. Ally

    i keep debating whether I can justify buying that yarn or not (or if I could get a skein in a lighter weight that might be enough to make something else more useful than a scarf that ends up over $60) but it is SOOOO lovely…

  40. Jessica L

    Love the way the colorway and pattern and work together… I might have to try this scarf on some of my Blue Moon stash.

  41. Kate

    I’ve had my eye on that pattern and yarn ever since Mr. Gaiman popped up wearing it. A trifecta of greatness!

  42. Melanie

    I adore this yarn and this pattern. I hope it’s not sold out – I’m not sure if two skeins are enough for how much I like it.

  43. Andrea

    I like everything about this scarf, the colors, the pattern and definitely the inspiration!

  44. Margot Hayes

    Yes, please! Who could need more inspiration to knit a scarf than to see Mr. Garment wearing it?

  45. Lynn

    What a beautiful colorway! The scarf really highlights the color variations of “Say Nevermore”. I love it!

  46. Stephanie

    Neil Gaiman & YARN?! Whoever wins this is going to be one lucky winner! Gorgeous yarn, great pattern, and amazing model!

  47. Ramona

    I really like this colour! If I won I’d feel like I should knit this for my man but I’d want to keep it for myself….

  48. Snow

    Yarn selection can make or break the FO. (& how many f words one uses in the making of said FO.) I love what inspiration brought to Tina-this colorway is perfect for this pattern! (It almost creates a hologram of The Man and his marvelous Brain modeling the Baker Street Scarf-how can one look at one and not envision the other?)
    Can’t wait to fondle the…um, yarn.

  49. Beth Rudowske

    Love the pattern, love the yarn. (To say nothing of the model.) That blue-black with a hint of purple is right in my favorites zone!

  50. Carrie

    Oooh., gorgeous yarn and great pattern. What a great giveaway. Looks like a fantastic chance to win a fun project.

  51. Anne

    Gorgeous color way! Just started a pair of blue moon sox in a different one of Tina’s dark hues. It would be wonderful to knit with this beautiful Gaea. Thanks for entering me.

  52. Julianna

    love the pattern and love the inky, mysterious color way even more. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway. 🙂

  53. Debbie H

    When I saw this pattern I knew I had to knit it. Thanks for the opportunity to win such gorgeous yarn.

  54. Cheryl

    This colourway is spectacular, and great for a man’s scarf! Deep black, blues and greens – it knits up wonderfully.

    I’ve struggled to find the right colours for the man in my life. 🙂

  55. Heather L

    Oh, yes please! This is on my Christmas gift knitting list and having the yarn given to me for that would be fantastic!

  56. Karen

    Wow, this colorway is gorgeous–a great match for the pattern! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  57. CarolynL

    I love Neil Gaiman’s work, and am always on the hunt for easy but fun knitting projects. 🙂 Love the ‘Say Nevermore’ colours.

  58. Leslie

    Love Neil Gaiman!!!! 🙂
    That scarf looks amazing in that yarn.
    The colors remind me of what the “pond” would look like in ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane.’
    If you have the chance, listen to the audiobook version with Neil Gaiman telling his story. 🙂

  59. Sidsel Flock Bachmann

    Fantastic colour! I would love to knit a scarf in it Maybe to my fabulous man?!

  60. Julie M

    Blue Moon! Love the yarn, love the scarf. It’s appropriate too, having just had a blue moon on July 31st. Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

  61. Bernadine

    This is a wonderful post, Mr. Gaiman is a genius. The scarf is beautiful. Best Regards to all.

  62. Kristen

    I love the colorway and the author’s book The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Two great things!

  63. Maura

    I guess the kit will be the best substitute for the man…. At least it will keep my neck warm if I win it.

  64. Janet Martin

    Spectacular yarn, spectacular pattern and even more spectacular model! We are all sort of saying the same thing and appear to love all three elements.

  65. maget

    So beautiful! The hard part would be picking which Neil Gaiman audio book to listen to while knitting it.

  66. Sherinik

    Oh lovely – I just bet that colourway would change depending on whether you wore a blue or green or black coat. I’d love to find out!

  67. Karina Bates

    I know a fan of both Sherlock and Mr. Gaiman who would love to receive this for Xmas! Thank you for offering it.

  68. Dorothy

    i love the raveny mixes with black and a blue or green or purple so dark it’s almost there. I’d love to win this beautiful giveaway!

  69. Jude

    I can see you making my beloved brother a scarf from this wonderful yarn, and the added geek factor is just pure bonus 🙂

  70. Kate Spencer

    This colorway is really striking – and what a nice yarn base – and the source for Tina’s inspiration couldn’t have been better! I’d definitely love to wear such a scarf with various sweaters that would pick up the subtle colors amongst the black.

  71. Bogna

    I’ve just started to like/wear blue and having always worn black a black and blue combo is just awesome.

  72. Barbara S.

    Oh I would love a chance to win this. I would probably end up making it for my husband though.

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  74. Ronnie Gosnell

    Hubby caught me looking at the pic {blush? or hot flash?} and wanted to know “who is that guy”???? I told him he is “Gaiman” and he heard “gay man” So I pinned him on pinterest (Gaiman, not hubby!)

  75. Lee in KS

    Blue wool? Lovely! I am always interested in having blue wool yarn in my hands (and my stash). Thanks for offering this contest!

  76. Julia

    My brother is an enormous Neil Gaiman fan, and wears black almost exclusively. I will be making him his very own Baker Street Scarf sometime soon, I think, but this would get me on my way.

    By the way, my non-knitting-but-bookish friends on the Social Media were flabbergasted when I was able to post a link featuring Neil Gaiman that they hadn’t yet seen!

  77. Martina N

    Gorgeous colorway, perfect pattern, and together would equal one stunningly excellently dressed son-in-law!

  78. James

    Oh pretty pretty please….I gave Neil a pair of socks I knit once….Does that get extra chances?

  79. Lisa Barrett

    Gorgeous yarn and a beautiful stitch pattern – the perfect combination! Thank you for the giveaway 😉

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