WWW: About cross crafts, stereotypes, teachers, creators, activists, and books.

New things!  New things!  Our Miriam Felton has started a CrossCraftual newsletter, and it’s going to be cool!  Follow her on Twitter, sign up for her newsletter, and take her short survey.  I love exploring embroidery in my knitting, have a lot to learn about crochet, and am always hungry for something pretty.  The goodness possibilities with Mim at the helm blow my mind.


I get very frustrated by broad sweeping generalizations and assumptions.  Seriously. I don’t have any room for this in my life, and I suspect you don’t either.   I know how to knit, write a proper letter, start a fire, change a tire, darn a sock….  DO NOT put me or knitters in a box!  We are taking over the world, remember?


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Look at that smile and that mischievous sparkle in her eyes!  We are pleased to share our beloved Kate Atherley with knitters at Webs at the end of September.  She’s teaching not one, not two, not three, but FOUR classes.  To say the gal has a few tricks up her sleeve is an understatement, and you don’t want to miss her!


When this article popped up a few days ago, I was thrilled to see knitters at their best.   The Yarn Mission is peaceful and proactive, and it speaks to the power of community activism.  Our thoughts are with you, Ferguson.


Continental, throwing, Portuguese, supported, and lever knitting are just a few of the many methods that create the same knit stitch and purl stitch.  I find the traditions of different countries and regions compelling, and  Cowichan knitting from Vancouver Island is no exception.  It is passed down from generation to generation and is beautiful.


Some hard news reached Knitty about the beauty that is Margarit of Morehouse Merino.  A knitting friend eloquently said that Morehouse Merino is her desert island yarn.  Knitty wishes Margarit comfort and peace as she continues her journey.  Thank you Margarit for your generous talents and gifts — well done!

If you love Morehouse Merino, Margarit is offering a summer sale through midnight September 7.


Heads up Star Wars fans — a felted Luke Skywalker!  I was browsing recently, and spied this series of books categorized as Epic Yarns.  An entire series with felted Star Wars characters!  Get your inner geek on and add them to your holiday list!

Happy knitting!


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  1. Samina

    I’m on Morehouse Merino’s email list & got the note from Margrit. I’m very sorry to see about her illness.

    She had just closed the retail store back in 2007 when my friends & I had scheduled our own knitting retreat, of which a trip to Morehouse was the big highlight. My friend emailed her & she kindly opened up the store for us. We shopped until we dropped & still reminisce fondly about that trip & her kindness.

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