WWW: Knitters + Crocheters = Infinite Possibilities

Together we are mighty and generous.

We’ve clothed bodies in knitwear. We’ve raised thousands for charities (did you see what we did for the Yarn Harlot?) We’ve supported independent artists.  We make things GO!  The Peyton Heart Project is raising awareness about teen suicide, bullying, and mental illness by placing knitted or crocheted hearts throughout communities.  Our reach knows no boundaries, and that’s pretty groovy!

The Peyton Heart Project
The Peyton Heart Project

This picture is sexy!  There, I’ve said it.  Look at that crimp!  Look at that staple!  Look at the delightfully weathered and hearty hands showing off the fleece!  This is reason #642,000 why I love wool.



And this article is reason #642,001 why I use wool.  While I’m not inclined to bury a hand-knit sweater in the backyard anytime soon, this is certainly a valid reason to knit everything I can with wool!

Not all knitters have an affinity for wool (our own Amy Singer is allergic).  So check out this new yarn created by a team from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.  It is made from the same ingredients found in Jell-O.


Interesting that they are working the yarn’s “wet strength”.

I replaced packaging ribbons with yarn 15 years ago.  It doesn’t matter whether the gift is handmade, I use yarn to seal the deal because — YARN!

10501004 - 330x330

When I saw this Shetland lace wrapping paper however, I knew I would be kicking up my game.  Dudes, that’s Shetland lace printed on wrapping paper!


Sterilizing hand-knit socks for soldiers in World War I was a thing, and this article gives a fascinating glimpse of the Australian effort to keep soldiers healthy by using the following recipe:

“(1) Wash the socks in warm soapy water, and dry them in the sun. (2) Immerse them for a little while in 3 per cent, solution of formalin. (3) Bake them in the oven.”

This takes blocking an entirely new level!

Because these days a WWW post isn’t complete without a yarn bomb mention, here are this week’s offerings:

10604164 10604165 10604167


Happy knitting!



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  1. Renee Anne

    Little Man (my almost-5 year old son) saw some yarn bombing I had missed the other day. We went to the local art supply shop and one of the parking posts had a pencil yarn bombed onto it (point down, of course). He was really curious and rubbed his little hands all over it….then he stepped back to see what it actually was. Silly boy.

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