WWW: Preserving Shetland Traditions, The Knitting Runner, Call for “Weird and Wonderful” Project Photos

Love this: a crowdfunded project in the UK to pay instructors to teach the youngsters in Shetland to knit. Knitting used to be part of the school curriculum in Shetland, but it was stopped in 2010. Although teachers and parents have been trying to keep it going, there just isn’t enough support, and as a result precious skills are being lost. This initiative aims to preserve and nurture traditions, and kick off a longterm project to offer courses in a variety of Shetland’s heritage skills, including textiles.  More coverage in the Shetland Press here.

Tee hee: What’s your Knitting Face?

Knitting for displaced Syrians: a group of women in Villaverde del Rio, Spain, is hard at work crafting blankets. They usually donate their efforts to the local homeless population, but this autumn they have answered a call to donate their work to the Syrian People Support Association, a small NGO in Madrid. The group will then ship the blankets on to camps for displaced people inside Syria. The donations are part of a larger project, “Blanket of Life”, which has received donations from the United States, Latin America and other European nations. The vast majority of the relief efforts underway are focused on Syrians who have fled the country, this program is all about helping the displaced who are still within Syrian borders.

A New Zealand knitter marks the 2015 Rugby World Cup with knitted replicas of the teams, in fully detailed uniforms. Bonus points for amusing video of clever newspresenter making a total fool of himself in his attempts to knit.

This could be fun…. Following up on their recent piece about yarn crafting as art, the Guardian newspaper is asking for readers to send in photos of their “weird and wonderful” knitting, for possible inclusion in an upcoming supplement.

Image from David Babcock’s website.

Speaking of weird and entirely wonderful, the Knitting Runner, David Babcock, is participating in two marathons this fall, knitting and crocheting all the way. He raising funds to be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, to fund research into this terrible disease. He’s being sponsored by Lion Brand and this fall has added crochet to his workout regimen – cross-training!

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