WWW: Mainstream press (not a single mention of Grannies); Gansey-knitter Statue; Garter Stitch as Art

Two contest winners to announce: Jess from Ottawa won the copy of Kate’s Custom Socks book and Carol from Ontario won the FiberWild Shaded Love shawl kit. Thanks to Interweave for the book, and FiberWild for the shawl kit. Enjoy!

A fantastic profile of designer and entrepreneur Amy Herzog, and her Custom Fit software and business.

A piece about the increasing attention being paid in the UK towards local wool, featuring interviews with UK knitters, designers and yarn suppliers. Important.

A New York Times travel writer attends a knitting retreat. She seems a hair befuddled by it, but in the end has a good time.

In another “knitting is good for you” piece, the website LifeHack tells us that knitting makes us warmer and happier. Can’t disagree with that. Particularly the ‘warmer’ bit.

Not strictly knitting, but still wonderful: a feature on the revitalization of small Irish weaving company. Traditional techniques and materials are being used to create blankets, pillows and other home textiles, and they have taken the interior decorating world by storm.

The artist, Steve Carvill, with his work.

Wonderful: A statue of a woman knitting has been installed on the Maritime Trail in UK coastal town Bridlington. The knitter is working on a gansey, the traditional fisherman’s sweater, and honours the town’s long-established and important fishing industry.

The artist and one of her pieces. Image from The Huffington Post Australia.

An interview with Australian artist Jacqueline Fink, who creates large-scale installations from knit fabrics. She talks about the physical challenges of working the pieces, describing her work as a “whole-body workout”. (Oooh… maybe I could cancel that gym membership…) Seriously, though, her work is unexpected and beautiful, allowing you to examine a knit fabric in a completely different way.

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