WWW: Antique sock knitting machine for sale; donating a year’s worth of knitting; tuques for refugees

The winners of the free passes to the Vogue Knitting Live NYC marketplace are Delia Lamb and Amanda Underwood. We’ll see you there!

A warm Canadian welcome:

“Because in Quebec, the only real enemy is the cold.”

Residents of Quebec are gathering together to make tuques (warm woolly hats) to give to refugees arriving this month in Canada, from Syria. 10,000 refugees are expected in Canada before the end of the month, and winter gear has been one of the key items to be donated. Although eastern Canada is having a mild winter so far, we know that’s not going to last.

And in Whitehorse, where winter has already arrived, another group of knitters is hard at work on hats, too. A local group is sponsoring a refugee family, and they are keen to ensure that they will be well-prepared for the weather that is to greet the new arrivals.

Emma Christiansen of Omaha, Nebraska, once again plans to donate her years’ worth of knitting to those in need. This is her fortieth year of such generosity. For 2015, she’s made 233 hats, 19 pairs of mittens and 13 lap blankets.

A school in New Zealand has yarn-bombed its playground. It’s all part of a term-long program to learn about wool, and students created the woolly decorations themselves. And it wasn’t just the knitting – they washed, spun and dyed the wool themselves!

Found on Craigslist in the San Francisco area: an antique hand-crank sock knitting machine. Even if you’re not in the market for one, it’s absolutely worth a look to see all the elements of this genius device. The photos are great!

File under: what? Man arrested carrying bolt cutters and a knitting pick. “He admitted he did not knit.” Neither does the author of the article, clearly!

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