WWW: 3 Socks a Week; Embroidering Stranded Colourwork; David Bowie tribute patterns

Ziggy. Excellent mitts for playing guitar?

Not just crochet: in homage to the Thin White Duke, a round-up of David Bowie-inspired patterns on the Top Crochet Patterns blog.

Speaking of David Bowie, designer Anna Elliot is using her Ziggy hat and mitts pattern to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK.

WHOA: Rachel knitted 60 pairs of socks last year. Oh yeah, and for 11 weeks of the year she wasn’t able to knit. That’s 60 pairs of socks in 41 weeks. That’s 1.5 pairs of socks a week. Yes, that’s right, 3 socks a week. We bow down to you!

#111, Positively Fasset-esque.

Fab! A ranking of all 118 sweaters worn on the TV series Twin Peak.

Designer Karie Westermann tweeted a photo of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, showing a section of the design hand-stitched to look like knitting. At first glance, it’s lovely, but then you look closer and realize that they’ve also shown the WS of the work, and hand-stitch the floats…

Enjoying this very much: the UK Hand Knitting Association asked on Twitter for stories about how people learned to knit. They are retweeting the responses. Lovely.

Not knitting, but really realy great. A simple animated GIF answers a question I’ve had for years: how a lock-stitch sewing machine works. H/t to friend-of-the-show MmeZabet.

Also found on Twitter, a rather fab knitting tattoo. Seems fairly appropriate for a tech editor, don’t you think?

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