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Monday of this week, March 14th, was celebrated by the numerically inclined as Pi Day. We were reminded of these fantastic ‘knit’ pies that were created for last year’s Pi Day, by the very clever Lorna and Jill of the Knits for Life blog. Even if you don’t remember what Pi is, or have the slightest interest in celebrating mathematics, you can’t help but love these!

Very handsome! The guy isn’t bad, either.

Love this: a History of the Aran Sweater, in nifty interactive timeline format, with bonus picture of actor Steve McQueen sporting a really fabulous example of the form. Joking aside, this is fascinating, and features a lot of images of really great garments. It also quietly debunks a few myths.

A tiny bit of spicy language on this page, but worth a visit: information about upcoming documentary Yarn, which premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas last weekend. In the words of the filmmakers…

The traditional crafts of crochet and knitting have become one of the hottest movements in modern art. We follow a few International artists and knitters as they bring yarn to the streets and into our lives in new ways. Starting in Iceland, this quirky and thought-provoking film takes us on a colourful and global journey as we discover how yarn connects us all.

More info at the film’s website, and you can watch the trailer here.

Speaking of Austin, I’m going there at the beginning of April to teach a weekend’s worth of classes for the Austin Knit and Crochet Guild. Saturday April 9 is all about socks – a full day class on custom fitting, and heels and toes and different ways to make socks and problem solving – Sunday the 10th there are two classes: Fixing Mistakes in Lace, and Fearless Finishing. There are a few spots in the classes open to non-members. More info here… come join me?

Language and politics alert: NSFW or children or those who don’t like swearing. You may or may not agree with everything the author has to say, but I really enjoyed (and had my eyes opened) by this piece by noted Craftivist Cath Janes, about her art and her message.

Exciting news: our fearless and lovely editor is healing well after her Carpal Tunnel surgery last week. She’ll be back at the keyboard and needles in no time.

I’m getting my hand back! #carpaltunnelsurgery #bigbandaid #stitchesunderthere #healingnicely

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