Bonus: Amy on Marly Bird’s podcast!

unnamedWell, this is fun! I get to talk to my friend, Marly, who is an awesome human being. We first hung out together (at length) when I taped my class for Craftsy a few years ago in her hometown of Denver, CO. But we chatted on one of her earliest podcasts, and though that file is lost in the ether, I remember it being one of the most interesting interviews I’d ever done. She’s a smart cookie.

So this Tuesday, April 12, I’ll be talking to Marly again, live on The Yarn Thing at noon eastern time. Click the picture to go to the podcast page. If you happen to miss it live, you’ll find in in the on-demand section.

Will I be clever or goofy? Probably a little of both. It’s my thing. Talk to you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Bonus: Amy on Marly Bird’s podcast!

  1. Wendy booth

    Pity the ads are so obnoxious on her site. Spent more time clicking ads closed that able to read about anything.

    1. Marly Bird

      Which site? The site? I can’t do anything about that, sadly. I too find them distracting but that is my podcast host. You can learn more if you go directly to my website:

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