WWW: ‘Secret History of Knitting’ documentary; Body Parts; Wool Wednesday?

Click here to watch a new TV documentary, ‘The Secret History of Knitting, featuring our own Kate, Amy, and Kate’s LYS Yarns Untangled. Lots of other famous faces appear, too! Made for the newly lauch Makeful TV channel, it does a good job of telling the story of knitting – and of knitters.

We also absolutely loved the accompanying ‘slow TV’ event, ‘Knit Purl Knit: Three Hours in a Yarn Shop‘, filmed over a Sunday afternoon at Yarns Untangled. Soothing and beautiful.

If you’re in the Toronto area, this Saturday is the Toronto Knitter’s Guild annual Frolic! With retail and classes, this event is a highlight of the knitting year.

And if you’re in the UK, this Saturday is Yarn Shop Day. Shops all over the UK are offering promotions, activities and perhaps even tea and cake. A great opportunity to visit a new-to-you shop, remember that it doesn’t count as stash if it’s a souvenir…

“Whatya making?” “A brain.”

Love this: knitted body parts for use in primary school health classes! Volunteer knitters in Lancashire have been contributing to this clever educational project.

If you’re not tired of listening to Kate babble on, she was on Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing podcast this week, talking about the new edition of her Pattern Writing book. And a couple of weeks ago, Amy was on the show, too, talking about all things Knitty.

Students at an art school is Lausanne, Switzerland, have created a chair that knits a hat while you read. The article is in French, but the pictures tell you everything you need to know!

Yes, we know! Knitting appears on a list of hobbies that are recommended as a ‘mindfulness techniques’.

I agree!

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4 thoughts on “WWW: ‘Secret History of Knitting’ documentary; Body Parts; Wool Wednesday?

  1. Samina

    Holy guacamole – that video’s 3 hours long for real! I guess it’s along the lines of those Norwegian slow TV shows? It might be interesting to have running in the background while I”m knitting.

  2. ilehlia

    I knit along to half of that “slow TV” video. It was like having two knitting friends in my livingroom. Very relaxing but it would have been nice to hear a bit of dialogue in the background. I can imagine they must have been chatting as those scarves grew. It was a nice way to get some length added to a plain stockinette sweater.

  3. Leslie C

    I get the same thing – SEcret History video says the owner has not made it available in my country (USA) and skips to another video in the playlist. Color me disappointed.

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