Maryland Sheep and Wool is this Weekend

Maryland Sheep and Wool!
Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Maryland Sheep and Wool is one of the high holy fiber shows. Spinners talk about it with a sigh in their voice. This is the first big show, the cracking open of the fiber season. Spinners, knitters and other fiber folk burst out of their winter cocoons and throw themselves on fiber, yarn and sheep with the glee of a 5 year old at a birthday party.

I have never been to Maryland Sheep and Wool, it coincides with a big publishing week in New York. My husband is always gone and I have kids still in school, so Maryland will have to wait.

Every year I pretend I’m going to Maryland,  I scour the vendors and I make a shopping plan. It’s fun and no credit card is needed!

If I were going this year here are some of the things I’d check out:

  • The fleece sale. Yep, I’ve finally tripped and landed in the need for fleece. It’s going to be a dangerous spring and summer for my bank account.
  • Anyone selling sheep cheese. Another new desire. I’m reading and tasting all that I can.
  • The WooLee Winder booth. The have a new e-spinner, and I want to touch it.
  • The Bosworth Booth. I also have the itch for a new spindle.
  • Spunky Eclectic. For as many years as I ‘ve been spinning Amy’s fiber I only get it online. I’ve never seen it in the wild.
  • Into the Whirled. My stash of Cris’ fiber is dangerously low.
  • Cooperative Press. Shannon has released so many new books, I want to see them all.
  • Moving Mud. The have glass darning needles now and I might need a pair of new earrings.
  • The Ross Farm. My stash needs to be fed some rare breed roving.

That’s just a few, and it doesn’t count my favorite ways to find things to buy, other spinners. At any fiber show or sale my absolutely favorite thing is when I run across a spinning friend and I follow them on their show quest. That’s how I’ve found the best surprises.

Who’s going to Maryland and what is on your list?


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5 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep and Wool is this Weekend

  1. Katie

    My good friend, and drum carding demonstrator extraordinaire Wrigglefingers, aka Jill Shepherd is going to demonstrating with Classic Carders. It’s the first time they’ve bent the US with their lovely drum carders, and what a first show to go to as vendors! If you are going, please pop by and say hello to Jill. Ask her about the porcupine quill and a trip to A&E….

  2. LaRuse

    I was going to go for my first time this year. It’s only 2 and a half hours from my house, and I was really looking forward to a road trip. Until we had to spend $4K last week on our vehicles. Spending all my money on car repairs means not spending all my money on fibery goodness. Maybe 2017 will finally be my year.

  3. ACraftyLawyer

    Maryland made me a spinner. Two weeks after my first visit, I had my first spindle. I’m going on Sunday. I cannot justify buying a single thing, but something will surely test my resolve. Last year it was a silk and cashmere blend at Miss Babs. Who knows what it will be this year?


    I have to confess I go every year and never buy anything! There’s so much, it totally overwhelms me – but this year I might just break down!

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