Obsession Thursday: continuing to heal

Last time I wrote, I told you about my upcoming surgery of a womanly sort and how that would affect Knitty’s next issue.

Since then:
– surgery went off very well
– took 2 hours longer than expected because my surgeon needed to consult during the procedure to make it as minimally invasive as possible
– I believe I asked the recovery room nurse to marry me after she gave me 4 perfect orange popsicles, one after another…just what i needed after having that tube down my throat (ack)
– some very lovely people visited me in the hospital (I just stayed overnight) and I felt very loved
– home the next day, feeling surprisingly good, but moving slow
– the usual post-general anesthetic symptoms gone in a few days (yay!)
– soon feeling almost zingy!
– and then the real zinger: a pinched nerve in my neck from all the proneness (since sitting up was not very comfortable the first few days)

So that last bit, that was actually probably the worst part of my recovery. I took myself back to the ER when I started to feel severe pain in both my arms, 5 days after surgery. All sorts of tests confirmed I hadn’t had a heart attack or stroke, and they sent me home. With no idea what was wrong. Oh, joy.

Cervical radiculopathy. I'll say...it's radiculous!
Cervical radiculopathy. I’ll say…it’s radiculous!

And then, Dr Mom diagnosed me. Pinched nerve. It was exactly that. Stretching my neck in a specific direction reproduced the pain. So gentle long stretches in the same direction finally relieved the pain. I’m continuing to do the stretches and the pain is gone, but my neck STILL feels like I let a tractor run over it. (I didn’t.)

For those who told me that a hysterectomy (total, laparoscopic, btw) would be an easy recovery, I thank you. You were right. It definitely was even easier than when I had my gall bladder removed. I find that surprising and a huge relief. Yay, modern medicine! Boo, neck nerves.

Anyway, Knitty production has resumed, albeit slower than usual. We will be bringing you a fabulous First Fall issue around the middle of June, as we predicted. Jillian and I are heading to TNNA in Washington, DC, next weekend (already? holy cow).  If you have a yarn shop, please stop us if you see us on the floor. We have a little something to give you.

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9 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: continuing to heal

  1. LoriAngela

    Thank you for being open and honest. I had a similar procedure 8 years ago and recovered but I didn’t enjoy it. We do care about the wonderful person behind the creativity of our first on line knitting magazine. I still remember the magic of those early editions in a world with such a small on line knitting community. With nurturing, you have helped this special place bloom.

  2. Laura Cunitz

    Thinking of you during your recovery. Been there, done that but without the added joy of the pinched nerve. Yikes! Don’t over do it at TNNA! All that yarn shopping can be exhausting. We’d all rather have you feeling better.

  3. Elizabeth Miller

    I have done the pinched nerve in the neck. For me it was easy to take care of once I had the diagnosis, but it took the ER visit and the a visit to another clinic for that. Glad you are healing!

  4. Meg Bigler

    Hooray for laparoscopy! Boo Hoo for pinched nerve. Stay on top of the pain. Pain begets pain. I don’t mean to sound like I’m endorsing pain meds, (that so frequently leads to hookedness), but staying on top is better than getting to hurting and needing more to kill the hurt.
    Spicy foods…really sick spicy, like sweat spicy,,,stimulates your brain to secrete endorphins, our body’s natural morphine. How about some Thai food? Best wishes.

  5. Ethel Weltman

    Thank you for the report and so glad your recovery was easy (minus the pinched nerve). I also had a hysterectomy plus prolapse repair a couple of months ago, so believe me, I know what you’ve been through. My surgeon insists on three months restricted activity because of the pelvic sling. I would be going crazy if I didn’t have knitting. Take care of yourself–we need you!

  6. Karen Radcliff

    I’m so glad everything went so smoothly. This is what I’ve heard from others, but you know, you never know, right? However, the pinched nerve thing is crummy and I’m sorry about that, but glad the pain is gone. Now do you get to go enjoy your life again?

  7. erika

    very glad to hear everything went well for you (other than the pinched nerve that is ). Im reading this as I await my own surgery this coming thursday for the same procedure

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