WWW: On the UFO, Leeds Wool Festival, Knitting Mathematics workshop

I’ve written before about the use of fiber arts in the teaching of mathematics, and the links between math and knitting. Oh how I wish I could take this course, Knitting Mathematics” presented by educational organization Math for America The group is focused on supporting teachers of mathematics and science at all levels in the US, and this particular workshop is all about how fiber can be used an way to teach mathematical concepts in an innovative and interesting way.

An unfinished Cezanne. Image courtesy the museum.

Not Strictly Knitting, but entirely relevant to my knitting experience – and everyone else’s, I suspect. A new exhibition at The Met Breuer Museum in Manhattan explores the UFO in art: the unfinished object. This NPR piece shows some of the pieces, and discusses the inspiration for the exhibition and significance of the pieces and their incomplete state which offers “glimpses into the creative process and sometimes reveal artists’ anger or despair”. (Been there!) Fascinating and actually a huge relief.

Also Not Knitting, but wonderful anyway: a short video depicting the process of couture hat-making.

This Saturday is the Leeds Wool Festival, held at the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills. If you’re in the north of the UK, it sounds like a fantastic day out. The setting is fabulous: the museum, on the site of an old textile mill, has a remarkable collection of antique industrial textile machinery.

Love this: over 300,000 hand-knit and crocheted poppies were installed in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, as part of the Chelsea Flower show. The poppy is traditionally a symbol of remembrance for those who have lost their lives while serving in armed forces, and this gathering forms a remarkable and moving tribute. Crafters from around the world — of all ages, countries and religions — contributed, to commemorate those who have served in all wars, in history and in current times.

Faintly not-safe-for-work, in that a couple of the topics discussed relate to sexuality… a Guardian article talking about the role of the internet in finding community and support. Very happy to see Ravelry mentioned! (Less happy about the mis-identification of crochet as knitting in a photo caption…)

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  1. Suzyn

    Along the lines of the Unfinished article, I once saw a show at the Rebrandthuis in Amsterdam of “early work.” Some of it was awful! He didn’t have the patience to learn proper cross-hatching technique for several years – he would just scribble-scrabble in the corners! It was a revelation, and made him so much more human… and made the path of art-making seem somewhat less daunting.

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