WWW: Travel (with) Knitting, Vintage Films, Life-size yarny replicas

Two fantastic videos posted by the BBC in honour of World Wide Knit in Public Day:

Shetland Lace Knitters, filmed in 1964, working at a remarkable pace. Their language is absolutely fascinating, an almost Scandinavian lilt, to my ears. I adored the answer the one knitter gives about how she feels at the end of a long project.

And this gem from 1972:

In life-size-replicas-of-public-figures-made-out-of-yarn news, we have two stories:

A yarn shop in Devon won a competition for their amazing shop window display, featuring a pretty-close-to-life-size figure of the Queen.

And in the US, a crochet model of Bernie Sanders is out on the election trail…

travel-suitcase-clip-art-suitcaseIt’s vacation season! Do you have your travel knitting prepared? Some tips from us here at the Knittyblog for travelling with knitting. Β And check the Knitter’s Review events list to see if there’s anything yarny going on near your destination… or to help you decide on a destination…

Heck, knitting can even help you work through a language barrier, when you’re travelling. On that note, I enjoyed this little vignette from a friend’s trip to Italy….

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2 thoughts on “WWW: Travel (with) Knitting, Vintage Films, Life-size yarny replicas

  1. Lynne

    That dear lady, with no English, was at pains to point out to me, with my phrase-book Italian, that she *also* made all the flowers on her matching handbag. πŸ™‚

    It was a really lovely exchange.

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