Why I’m Not Spinning for Tour de Fleece or Spinzilla This Year

Cjkoho Designs BFL, Maya colorway with natural added.
Cjkoho Designs BFL, Maya colorway with natural added.

I love both the Tour de Fleece and Spinzilla! I get as excited about getting ready for them as I do for buying school supplies in the fall. You know I love making plans. Even though I’ve never hit my lofty spinning goals, I love the process of dreaming big and tossing my stash for the right fiber.

But I decided not to spin for either big event this year. Why? I want to spin how I want and I want a break from deadlines. The past 18 months have been really busy for me spinning-wise. I loved every second of it, but now I want to just float. I’m still spinning every day, but I want to follow all the spinning things that interest me right now, waiting for my next spinning obsession to carry me away. I wonder what it will be?

I am excited to see what everyone else is spinning and how much they are spinning! Sometimes it’s even better to spin vicariously, all the beauty and inspiration, none of the deadlines.

Tell me what you are spinning for the Tour de Fleece!


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5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Spinning for Tour de Fleece or Spinzilla This Year

  1. Cathy W

    I’m finishing last year’s TdF project. Which is my TdF project approximately every other year. Heh. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t spin at all if it weren’t for TdF and Spinzilla.

  2. Su1282

    I broke down and am spinning for TdF this year, but skipped Spinzilla last year and will again this year. My TdF group is all about personal goals (eg. spin 15 min/day) and is very relaxed. I’m doing what I’d like to do anyway. Spinzilla felt too much like work, if I weren’t spinning every second I’d be letting down my team. That’s not how I like to spin.

  3. Louise

    Oh, I like that approach. At this time of year, I’m lucky to get 15-20 minutes in. I’m not doing TdF this year either. Too much going on.

  4. Sarah

    I can relate to that. I’m spinning for TdF this year, but it does not feel like pressure or deadlines, or I would be leaving it alone. My focus this year is learning the long draw. Being in a state of beginner-ness has been nice–so freeing.

  5. Rachelle Crosbie

    I’m spinning for TdF and I’m concentrating on fibre from one local dyer only, if I get all hers done then I’ll add in something else from the humungus stash

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