WWW: Canadian Red Cross booklet, Cliche-free Shop Profile, Knitting as Classical Music Score

I rather like the “if I hold them like this they won’t hurt me” look on his face…

A nice profile of The Sheep Shop in Cambridge UK, notable for having been written by a man, and yet without a single use of the old ‘granny’ or ‘ooh look men can knit too’ tropes.

An older piece, but it’s been making the rounds again recently: an Icelandic composer uses a knitting pattern as inspiration for classical music.

the score, for symphony orchestra and piano respectively, are completed — an ethereal soundworld with pauses where the knitting pattern has holes

Although the composer confesses that neither the score nor the knitting project are complete…

A little off-topic, but an excellent longer read for your lunchtime break today… The True Price of Fast Fashion.

New York Public library offers a weekly knitting and crochet gathering, 10:30am on Tuesdays.

Image from the Canadian Red Cross website.

A post on the Canadian Red Cross website about knitting patterns distributed to civilians during the two World Wars. The purpose of these booklets was not, however, what you might initially think… it wasn’t about teaching knitting, but rather establishing standards for the items to be made and donated.

Knitting booklets like this one also serve as a reminder that although the wartime Red Cross relied primarily on voluntary labour, it still had high standards. All items produced were carefully inspected, and any that did not meet the exact specifications outlined in the instructions were rejected. Knitting booklets like this one enabled women volunteers across Canada to produce items that they knew were needed and made the grade.

In which model, celebrity and rock-n-roll progeny Georgia May Jagger confesses that she used knitting to help her quit smoking and nail-biting.

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  2. Erin

    It’s great that you mentioned crochet and knitting groups at New York Public Library. I’d like to mention that the link refers only to one branch’s crochet and knitting time. There are crochet and knitting groups all over the city at many library branches all over the week. Here is a link to all of them:

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