WWW: Faroe Sheep Cam, Kate Davies interview, visit to LYS as alibi?

You’ve probably heard about Google Sheep View, which helps you locate all the sheep in Google Street View images…

The Faroe Islands has launched a slightly different initiative: tired of waiting for Google to come and officially map their island, they’ve harnessed up five sheep with 360-degree cameras, and are gathering the results to submit to Google.

A lovely BBC radio interview with designer extraordinaire Kate Davies. She talks about her recovery from a stroke, and her career change from academic to full-time yarn professional. Well worth ten minutes of your time.

This looks really interesting. The Great British Wool Rampage: a TV documentary on the British Wool industry. It’s a Kickstarter page, but even if you’re not up for a contribution, it’s worth visiting to read about the project.

On the Classic Elite blog, an interview with knitwear designer Tonia Barry. A fascinating insight into the design process.

Interesting: a woman uses a drive to a knitting shop as her alibi in a road-rage case in Scotland. The judge has asked that she prove her knitting ability, as part of her sentencing…

A lovely little memoir of sock knitting for the war effort in Australia: a story of a very old FO and a decades-old acquaintance renewed.

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