Obsession Thursday: reclaiming my Ukeness.

One of the many things I had to stop doing, when my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome got really bad, was playing ukulele. It was gradual and then all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t played in months. And then a year.

Waterman glow-in-the-dark ukulele
Waterman glow-in-the-dark ukulele

Thanks to my CTS surgery, I’m back, people. And I am so damned happy about it. Tonight, I got to teach some basic chords to a lovely fellow who wanted to learn. Watching his light bulb turn on as his fingers started to remember where G, F, A and D are located reminded me of how much fun it was for me to learn.

I am planning a big cross-country train trip at the end of next month, and so I treated myself to a new travel uke. It’s plastic (like the popular ukes of the 1950s) and, get this, IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Because can’t you see me in my little train cabin, playing my glowy uke in the dark as we chug along through the prairies at night?

It’s a delightful instrument that’s waterproof and plays like a dream. I love how it sounds, and I am veritably smitten. You can get one for yourself here. They come in tons of colors, and I am unreasonably tempted to buy the clear one and fill it with cool LED lights. But I think that would mess with the acoustics.

Are you interested in learning the uke? My (I’ve been told) quite-useful post on how to choose your first ukulele can be found here.


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2 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: reclaiming my Ukeness.

  1. Kurt Siegel

    Glad to see you love the glow-in-the-dark waterman! I keep one in my car.

    But what about your Donaldson “Amy” model? Sadly, it looks like Bradford isn’t making any more – he’s only built one since he made my custom concert model.

  2. cal

    YAY! so glad you’re BACK! especially now that i’ve joined the club. one day we will play a song (or ten) together; in the meantime i’ll picture you strumming on the train. i’m thinking some video instagram posts will be in order… <3

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