YARN the Movie comes to Toronto; Giveaway!

mv5bnjyyywiwm2ytmjg3oc00zdy1ltkwzjutzdi3yte5zjg3zwqxxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymju1mdm3ndm-_v1_sy1000_cr006931000_al_I’ve written about YARN the Movie before, and I was very pleased to hear that it’s coming to Toronto. It’s playing at the Carlton Cinema October 21st-27th. AND we have two double-passes to give away!

The movie aims to introduce to the broader world the artists who are redefining the tradition of knit and crochet.

Reinventing our relationship with this colorful tradition, YARN weaves together wool graffiti artists, circus performers, and structural designers into a visually-striking look at the women who are making a creative stance while building one of modern art’s hottest trends.

Featuring interviews with fiber artists artists Olek, Tinna Thorudottir Thorvalder, Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, Tilde Björfors of Cirkus Cikör and Barbara Kingsolver, the film is a visual delight, and an excellent look at our woolly world.

Watch the trailer here.

If you’re not in Toronto, it’s playing all over, in North America and Europe. Consult your local listings.

To enter, leave a comment below by midnight Sunday eastern time. We’ll announce the winner next week. The usual rules apply: if you’ve won something from us in the past year, please give others a chance. You’ll be asked to answer a skill-testing question. And remember, this is for Toronto screenings only, so you need to be able to get yourself to Yonge and College.


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34 thoughts on “YARN the Movie comes to Toronto; Giveaway!

  1. Amy A-S

    I’d love to see this, but I’d love the tickets for my LYS owner even more. She’s a tremendous fibre artist, and an incredible person – it would be wonderful to make this an early Christmas present for her.

  2. Jane

    Yes! I’d love to see the movie and I’d LOVE to have my husband sitting next to me watching it as well!

  3. Claudia

    My friend sent me the trailer for this film, and I’m dying to see it. I have to say, the last time I went to a movie recommended on the Knitty blog it was Rams and sooooo amazing. You’re my new movie go-to guide. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Carol

    I’ve been watching for Yarn the Movie since I first heard about it, and am So Excited for it to be coming to Toronto!! Woohoo!!
    I Can’t Wait!

  5. Sam

    Pick me! Pick me! Me and my fella need a night out from our wee ones and these would be just the tickets!!

  6. Cherilyn Roosen-Runge

    Heavenly viewing all about Yarn!! Great incentive to knit faster…Can’t miss this!

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