Double or Nothing : Double-Knitting Giveaway!

Double or Nothing!
Double or Nothing!

Alasdair Post-Quinn is the undisputed king of double knitting. His first book Extreme Double-Knitting enticed a legion of knitters into more complex double-knitting that they thought they’d ever knit. He’s back this December with Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous.  First covering and expanding on some of the content of his earlier book, Alasdair then dives into double-knit textures, double-knit intarsia, double-knit entrelac, double-knit cables and double-knit lace. New to double-knitting? You can learn from the beginning. Love double-knitting already? Up the ante — Double or Nothing!


Alasdair is offering a copy of his new book as a giveaway and he’s adding his Craftsy class, Adventures in Double Knitting to add even more double-knittingto your life.

A few designs from Double or Nothing.
A few designs from Double or Nothing. You can see more on Alasdair’s website.

Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Friday December 2nd, 2016. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the double-knitting package.  Giveaway value $69.94.



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413 thoughts on “Double or Nothing : Double-Knitting Giveaway!

  1. Samina

    I took a double knitting workshop once. It totally scrambled my brain, but I’d love to give it another go.

  2. Anne Sullivan

    My 2017 knitting challenge is Double Knitting – I set a goal each year to master a new technique. A Craftsy class and a new book? Yes, please!

  3. Bridget

    With winter just getting started here, I’d love to knit some of those pieces; thanks for posting about the book and the chance at the giveaway!

  4. Kara Hobbs

    These are amazing! I can’t believe how cleverly they are worked! I think my favorite patterns from the website are Atyria II and Adenydd.

  5. Josee

    I’m a very visual learner so have had his class on my wish list for a while now… That and the book make a lovely prize and just in time for Christmas!

  6. Lina

    Thanks for such a wonderful give away! I knit one of his scarves and I am totally hooked on double knitting.

  7. Ramona

    I have been eyeing that Craftsy Claus for awhile. Double knitting is so intriguing to me. It looks a bit complicated. This might be just the thing to push me.

  8. Elizabeth A

    I’ve been watching the work of Alasdair Post-Quinn since the first time I saw his work on the net, long before any patterns were available. I have his first book, and am keen to get my hands on his new one! I’ve just been waiting for the digital version to become available!

  9. Kitten With A Whiplash

    Double knitting? Double Knitting? Yes Please! Yes Please! Thanks for the giveaway from KittenWhiplash on ravelry.

  10. LisaB

    I would love to win this book.!I’ve been watching the sneak peaks and adding patterns to my Ravelry favorites. I love quite a few of the patterns.

  11. Deb

    Would like to tackle learning how to double knit. Might need to be my New Year’s Resolution…one that I could actually go through with.

  12. Darlene Krystal

    I have been delving into the double knitting patterns and am really a beginner…….the book would be awesome to have to figure it out…

  13. Jody M

    I’ve always wanted to try some double knitting! Even if I don’t win the giveaway, this looks like a great resource.

  14. Claire Bennett

    I love double knitting! Possibly my favourite project is my parallax made with yummy rainbow kauni yarn. *Crosses fingers*

  15. Christine

    I’ve always loved double knitting, and think it’s awesome, and my mind is boggling at some of these patterns. They look awesome.

  16. Lisa P

    I have dabbled in double knitting and would love to learn more. I have always loved challenges in knitting

  17. Vivian Westbrook

    I have not yet tried double knitting but I LOVE it and would love to learn how to do it. I would imagine that the Craftsy class that is also being offered in this giveaway would be an excellent way to learn. This book may not the best way to learn double knitting but it would certainly be awesome to have in a library once I learn the technique.

    Thanks for the giveaway of the class and book!

  18. Sue T.

    Wonderful designs from a real master. I would love to see what he has done now, and trying some of the smaller projects.

  19. Terri

    Would love to try double-knitting, and could use some well-written instructions. His work is gorgeous!!

  20. Regina Fulton

    I am SO looking forward to incorporating double knitting into my skill repertoire! Alasdair’s “Double or Nothing” book is on my Christmas wishlist. I hope I win!

  21. Elizabeth

    I have heard about Alasdair’s amazing videos. I can’t stream videos in my rural, bandwidth vacuum, so I’d love to try his book!

  22. Susan

    ooo Double… YES!! (hope I get an EZ question.. chuckle
    Good Luck for the win.. Best of Luck for the EVERY DayS

  23. Patricia

    Love these designs. I bought a craftsy course on double knitting but haven’t had a chance to take it. Sigh. One day. Glad to see that dk is advancing so much.

  24. Caryl

    The patterns are gorgeous and would be wonderful to make. I’d love to follow the class then start on some of the patterns in the book 🙂

  25. Lorrie

    I love double-knitting! It takes longer, but the results are definitely worth it! And Alasdair’s designs are fabulous!

  26. Bruce Anne Milberger

    I took his craftsy course some years ago and was hooked from my first cast on stitch! He’s a great teacher and very talented designer. I would love to be challenged with the designs in his new book!

  27. Debra

    I have never tried double knitting. It is on my knitting bucket list. Thanks for the chance to win the book and the Craftsy class.

  28. Knithughesey

    I have had my eye on his patterns and have been planning to learn how to do the double knitting. This would be a fabulous prize!
    Thank you.

  29. Sandra Streifel

    I love dk, but Mr. Post-Quinn has taken this technique far beyond its limits I was familiar with. I would love to win this giveaway!

  30. lk

    Double knitting looks amazing! This woulf definitely stretch my skills!. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  31. Whitney

    These are gorgeous! I would love to learn how to do this – I tried to do a reversible scarf on my own once and failed miserably.

  32. Becky

    I have done basic double knitting, but I would love to give some of these more advanced techniques a try. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Josiane

    Double-knit textures and cables sound extremely appealing! I’d love to learn more about double-knitting, and to go beyond the basics to produce such lovely projects. Thank you for offering us a chance at winning the book and class that’d take us there.

  34. Jeanie

    Wow, what an awesome concept. This looks like an amazing book which may have to be in my library, win or not!

  35. Carolyn K

    Oh wow ! Look at those beauties. I’ve been feeling like I need to challenge myself. This book would take care of that.

  36. Juliana

    I am just working on my first ever double knit project, a scarf in lace weight. I am loving it and can’t imagine what wonders this new book will hold

  37. Cheryl

    I’ve been drooling over his double knits for a while – this would be the kick in the pants I need! Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Nicole

    I’ve always wanted to try double knitting, great for making winter accessories for those of us in colder climates!

  39. Lois

    Inspiration, adventure, and challenge! What fun! Would love the chance to win this book and expand my skills. Thanks for providing the opportunity!

  40. Tamantha Gilfoyle

    I’ve been meaning to give double knitting a try for years. This would be the perfect kick start I need! What a wonderful prize!!

  41. Kelly H

    Double-Knitting is so pretty! I’d love to know more about how it works, especially for textures and *lace*?!?

  42. Kirsty

    I’ve always wanted to try double knitting, but have been afraid to take the leap. This set could be just what I need to get started.

  43. LeaLea Ogozelec

    I have been knitting like mad for our first grand baby who is now overdue! I did a round baby blanket in colorwork, a coat, a poncho, another baby blanket, plus a birth cap and booties! I would love to win this book so I can relax a little bit and learn a totally new technique!

  44. Lynn

    I love the look of that blue & white shawl and would love the challenge of completing it! Looks like an awesome book!

  45. Deborah Thompsen

    Those designs are amazing and original, I’ve never seen anything like them. I live them and want to make them all.

  46. Linda Jarvis

    I’ve tried double knitting, and it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. I would love to become more proficient.

  47. Geraldine Bowman

    I’ve wanted to tackle double knitting for some time. I think this could definitely be the right time!

  48. Meredith MC

    Double knitting is on my 2016 to do list and I’m running out of time. At least my current project will let me cross steeking off my list!

  49. Cindy Rook

    Oh my! I’ve been thinking about teaching myself double knitting but…looks so hard. This would be a great way to get started. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  50. Heather

    Oh wow! I’ve done double knitting before, but I didn’t know it could look like THAT! I’d love a chance to try those patterns. 🙂

  51. Kristi

    This is such a beautiful craft!!! I have teen twin daughters who love to knit. This would be awesome for them!!!

  52. Kathleen Meggitt

    I’ve done double knitting, and really enjoy watching it all play out. These patterns look amazing! Would be fun to increase my skill!

  53. Renee

    Would love to have such a book of knowledge of double knitting. It’s very eye catching, and there is no wrong side to a project.

  54. Jayne

    WOW – I have toyed with double knitting before but never actually finished anything. I feel inspired just looking at the cover of the book.

  55. Christine Grant

    I’ve been knitting for 20 years and double knitting is that technique I want to do and never have. It’s time I learnt!

  56. Emily

    I loved his first book, as well as the standalone Victorian Raffia pattern, so I really want this new book!

  57. Victoria Phillips

    I’ve not yet tried double knitting but I’d be very interested to, as l can think of quite a few suitable applications that brioche (my current go-to for reversible) wouldn’t quite work for

  58. carol

    Love his designs. I’ve appreciated the results on 2 double knitting projects I’ve tried but could certainly gain from some instruction!

  59. Zara

    i tried double knitting once and didn’t stick with it enough to really make progress…this would be an amazing way to learn!

  60. ricki

    His book looks amazing . I have tried double knitting but wasn’t sure I liked it. After looking at the book I may have to try again!! Thank you!!

  61. Kara

    I’ve been tempted by projects, but I’ve been a little intimidated. I’m thinking a book and a video will help immensely.

  62. Robin Carnes

    I would love this!!! Double knitting is something I have tried every year but I need a project that makes my heart and brain want to drive forward.

  63. Kristi

    This is just the incentive I need to give double knitting another try! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  64. Alena

    I’ve been drooling over double knitting for a while but haven’t actually tried it yet. These designs look beautiful. I think I am ready to learn.

  65. Lois

    I’ve never done any double knitting, but have always wanted to give it a try. Looks like a lovely book

  66. Ginny

    I just love the look of double knitting. I stubbed my toe hard when I tried it once on a very simple project and I don’t know if I want to again dip my toe into the lovely ocean of double knit. But the effect is so lovely…

  67. Dari Trout

    I have always wanted to try double knitting, but have been a bit afraid up to this point. What an awesome giveaway! Just the push to try something outside of my comfort zone.

  68. Enid

    I just finished a double knitting scarf as a Christmas present. I’d love to get more into the technique, and learn pointers. Thanks for offering this generous giveaway!

  69. Lisa B.

    How fun! I really enjoy double knitting and would appreciate taking my skills further. Thank you for the giveaway.

  70. Savannagal

    I knit a simple doubleknit cowl pattern long ago, but nothing as complicated as those in Alasdair’s book. His designs are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  71. ilehlia

    Double knitting has been on my wanna learn list ever since Grade 8 when a kid beside me at recess was wearing a double knit scarf that she had made herself. I had been knitting since age 7 but was extremely impressed that another kid my age could produce something so far beyond my knitted doll clothes. This book and Craftsy class would be a great way to jump in!

  72. Jocelyne Denault

    Love double-knitting: even used it for a design on my own . Can’t wait to see tais new book Will definitely complement the Extreme double-knitting I already have

  73. Pien Bouwhuis

    The patterns are beautiful! Would love to win this. Thanks agin knitty for your great knitting help.

  74. Kate S

    Even though it was a bit slower than what I’d done up until that point I fell in love with double knitting when working a relatively simple potholder based on a stranded chart. I’d love to add this side by side with my copy of Extreme Double-Knitting!

  75. Joyce

    His double knitting patterns look so beautiful but I don’t know if I could learn that type of knitting.

  76. Jeannine

    I tried a little double knitting last year, and this would be a great time to get back into it, especially with the Double or Nothing book.

  77. Janet

    I’m in love with his first book and with the parallax pattern I bought at last year’s Vogue Knitting Live, I’d love to have this book to try some of these advanced techniques.

  78. Jen Kubeck

    I love double knitting, entre-lac, cables, all these techniques! The projects you shared pictures of look fantastic. I’ll be looking for this book, even if I don’t win.

  79. Síle Thiels

    I tried some double knitting, but it’s been ages and I think it would be fun to revisit it and learn to do more with it!

  80. Amy

    Oooh! I missed an opportunity to take a class on textured double knitting. I’m looking forward to leafing through this book!

  81. Eleanor Glavin

    I love pushing the envelope. Looks like the projects are going to make people spread their wings and try new things. Thanks for the encouragement!

  82. Jen Faulkner

    I’d love to try double-knitting! What a perfect way to spend the holidays: learning from this beautiful book and amazing class!

  83. yolanda

    What a lovely giveaway. Sounds like a great way to spend
    learning something new and pushing your limits!

  84. Lisa

    I already have Alasdair’s Craftsy class but would love to stretch even further. There looks like some neat designs and creative ideas in the book. Thanks for letting us know about this release.

  85. Carrie

    So gorgeous! I’ve done a little double knitting, but nothing that elaborate. More skills to try and I do love Craftsy.

  86. Lisa

    Wow! I have never tried double knitting but those designs are incredible! I would love to try this book and technique.

  87. Liljpnimpt

    Double-knitting: always loved the look, never had the courage to try it. What a great way to get over that hump!

  88. Tracy Pinkelton

    Oh wow. I loved his previous book and look forward to checking out this one. He does some amazing art.

  89. Leslie C

    Those designs look wonderful. Only dabbled with double-knitting so far, but am quite intrigued with it.

  90. Ann Morton

    Does this use a specific knitting style to make the DK work? The patterns look interesting and enjoyable

  91. Jeanette

    Every time I have tried double knitting in the past I end up with two separate pieces of fabric, no idea how, would be lovely to figure it out and this book seems like all that and a bag of chips.

  92. Heidi

    I feel like I should come up with a double entendre for this but I can’t. Would love to win though.

  93. Tisha

    I finally finished my first double-knit item, just a basic hat that I converted from a stranded pattern. I’d love to go to the next level with double-knitting and Alasdair’s patterns are just out of this world!

  94. Irene

    Haven’t tried double knitting as yet. Getting the book will be an incentive to give it a try. those patterns look great!

  95. Yarngiraffe

    Double knitting is the one thing I’m interested in, but haven’t been able to master. It’d be amazing to have these resources to tackle this skill!!

  96. Dave

    I’m in the middle of a double knit hat, and I’m enjoying the challenge, even while it makes me want to tear my hair out. More options for when it’s done would be great!

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