Obsession Thursday: A new rabbit in the Knitty household

Some of you may remember that one of the two mini-rex sisters who lived with me, Boeing, died in October 2015. Since then, it’s been just me and her sister, Squeezle.

Squeezle is 11 and then some, and that’s pretty senior for a bunny. She’s been happy as a solo bunny. I guess she always had secret desires of being top bun than now can be realized. Me, though…I wanted a puppy. Someone furry to hang out with me on the couch, go on road trips with.

Baby Tully won my heart with this picture. Look at those ears!
Baby Tully won my heart with this picture. Look at those ears!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a dog person, however. I’m a rabbit person. So when I found a listing for a Flemish Giant mix rabbit (mixed with what? Beagle?) whose foster mom said was “like a dog”, I decided I was ready.

Meet Tully —>. 10 weeks old in this picture, after being rescued from an open field in a large plastic tub with his two brothers. They’ve been adopted to other loving homes.

Tully was neutered just before I brought him home. He has some mellowing to do as the hormones leave his system, but basically he is the biggest, love-loving bunny I’ve ever met. Maybe even more than little grey mini rex Newton (1993-2005), and that’s saying something.

See, mini rexes are notoriously high strung, but I love them anyway. However, there are a few breeds of rabbit that are mellower. Flemish Giants are one of them. Tully ain’t scared of much except sudden noises. Driving in the car? No biggie. And now that he’s explored the living room/kitchen area where he roams, he’ll sit at my feet forever for pets. One day, he might even make it up on the couch next to me.

Tully would like me to pet him. All the time.
Tully would like me to pet him. All the time.

Purebred FGs can grow to 22 lbs. He’s about 7 lbs right now, which is as big as Boeing was at her largest.  The vet thinks he won’t get much bigger. Those may be famous last words, but I don’t care. I love having a big bunny again.

I have a harness waiting for Tully, when I feel he’s calm enough to handle it.  It’ll probably take a while to get him used to it. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to taking him on road trips with me, or on overnights to friends’ houses.

As for Squeezle, she and Tully will never meet. Bonding bunnies is stressful for both of them (and for the human, honestly) and even if it was successful, then Tully would lose his mate sooner than is fair. So they live in different zones of the apartment for now.

Tully came home with me the day before my birthday. Best birthday present ever.


Here he is. Home at last.
A side view of my big bunnydude.

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8 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: A new rabbit in the Knitty household

  1. Samina

    I know nothing about bunnies other than that they’re freakin’ adorable. Your new guy is a cutie pie – those are such cute ears!

    A friend got a second bunny to keep their first one company. It hasn’t gone well & she said that the bunnies fight like crazy, so they have to be kept apart all the time.

    1. Amy

      Bunnies need to be bonded (a process that can take months, unless the rabbits decide they love each other at first sight). It can be done, but it takes patience. (http://rabbit.org/tag/bonding/) So yeah, now you understand why Squeezle gets to stay a single bunny.

  2. Heidrun

    Love that long-eared furry baby!
    I have had bunnies – my eldest grew 13, and they are just adorable. My old girl was more of a watchdog, and she attacked every “intruder”, being it people or dogs. She was housetrained and had her litter box – and she housetrained and trained the cat and the dog that joined our family.

  3. Meglette

    How are rabbits with “out and abouts”? I have a little teacup poodle. At 14 years he still likes to go out with me, lap sit and he does the Oh Goodie! dance at meal time and bedtime. I love him to bits. I am a dog person, but I could be a rabbit person, I think…Your guy is very cute! Congrats.

    1. Amy

      Based on Tully’s mellow personality, I think he will enjoy it. But I have to introduce all aspects to him gradually, starting with the harness he’ll have to wear so I can get a leash on him.

      There are no guarantees with rabbits, who are still very undomesticated compared to cats or dogs. Every rabbit is their own person. Squeeze, Boeing and Newton all hated being taken ANYWHERE. Tully doesn’t give a crap. 🙂 That’s why I think he’ll be okay, in time.

  4. Sunny

    Congratulations! I’ve been a bunny mom for 7 years, and it is quite a ride. Right now I only have one, Peter, a gray mini Rex. I’ve fantasized about rescuing a Flemish Giant, they seem so gentle, but right now Peter is VERY content being the king of the castle (high-strung indeed!) I can’t imagine having a bun mellow enough to put a harness and leash on him! I shudder to think what the repercussions would be should I attempt that with Pete. (They would be swift and terrible.) 😉 I hope you and Tully have many happy years together!
    I would also like to recommend a book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, by Dr. Michelle May. I’m a nurse and also struggle with my weight. I see so many of our patients in the same boat as I am, struggling with food, illness, guilt, fatigue, motivation. Well this book was unbelievable. It is a mindfulness-based approach. I was so disconnected from my body I didn’t even know when I was hungry…or full, until I was miserable. Thanks to this book I’m looking forward to a sane (for the first time in memory) and enjoyable holiday season, still enjoying food, but not mindlessly plowing my way through until March. I’m starting to appreciate my body and enjoy my life more. I recommend it to my patients. I hope you will give it a look. She also has videos on YouTube. Best of luck in your endeavors (and as a new mommy)!

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