Obsession Thursday: Reorganizing for the new year

Not Knitty…reorganizing my apartment! It is rather small as 2-bdr apts go, but I do love it so, and it’s what I can afford, so I’ve gotta make it work.

Over the holidays, I started another wave of tidying and purging. My office started out like this:

mid-purge/tidy: notice the large quantity of Ikea bags, now empty after putting their contents in their proper places (sometimes that was the garbage). big black monolith is my desk chair. 

…and then I made it better. Took a few days and cleared away tons of crap, and properly put away tons of NOTcrap. There was more clear floor space in here than there has been since I moved in in Sept 2014 once I was done.

Of course, that meant that I had to fill it up again.

Tully has been living in the living room. He’s young (not even a year old yet) and he can’t be fully free range until he chills a bit. So he needed more space than he had in just his cage when he’s tucked in for the night.

Squeeze, having vacated the office for her new home on Toronto Island with her daddy (my ex), left more than enough room for Tully to move in. Today, he moved in.

The exercise pen around his cage came from a Facebook trading site called Bunz.
The exercise pen around his cage came from a Facebook trading site called Bunz (only in Canada, I believe). I traded two bags of dog treats for this baby.

The cage is his security, so I kept it. On the top right, that huge black thing is a Sterilite plastic bin which holds — get this — a half bale of hay. And it’s full. That’s how much hay this guy eats. It cost almost nothing to buy it from a hay farmer, which is much better than the $14/wee bag I was paying before. (Each bag lasted a week.)

Anyway, He’s been exploring this new room and finding out how it connects to the rest of the world he knows already. He seems quite happy. Has eaten, groomed himself and is now drinking from his water bottle. This indicates a relaxed bunny.

Job well done, I say! Woot me!

Intrepid explorer Tully susses out his new digs. Yes, there’s a lot of crap on my desk. That’s the next task.


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5 thoughts on “Obsession Thursday: Reorganizing for the new year

  1. Joanne S.

    Loving hearing about your clean-out! Been doing some of that myself. And seeing/hearing about Tully is always a hoot!

    But OMG! I’m loving those stocking blockers hanging on the wall! Those are awesome! Where did you find those?

    1. Amy Singer

      Years of estate sale-ing. The super-long ones were the best find EVER. (thanks!)

  2. Meglette

    I must take your example for inspiration. I just bought 6 new medium totes and claimed the southwest room as mine-all-mine. I’m particularly drawn to cubbies, but my cubby addiction and my monetary flow do not jibe. Consequently my cubbies are milk crates…yes, milk crates. Anyone else?

  3. kmkat

    I admire your de-crappify-ing your office! (Mine looks similar.) But what I especially love is the photo of Neil Gaiman over your desk!

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