WWW: On the Pink Hats

Everybody is talking about the Pussy Hat initiative. As I’ve mentioned before, the objective is that every attendee of the women’s march in DC this coming Saturday be outfitted in a pink hat. The point is for a visible symbol of unity, a symbol that absolutely cannot be missed.

The color and the design – and the name and its connotations — were very deliberate choices. The name and shape nod to a particular comment made by a particular politician, and of course the color is the one shade always and only associated with women. (Those who aren’t keen on that particular design have been making Donna Druchunas’s wonderful “Resist” hat instead, less whimsical but equally meaningful.) There has been some very good debate about the design. Some feel that the shape and color are too juvenile, and those wearing the hat are likely to be dismissed for not being serious. This Washington Post article seems to support that position. Others feel that the attendees of the March are going to be dismissed regardless, and that the color and style of the hat isn’t going to make any difference: indeed, the point of the hat is to own and subvert stereotypes and offensive language.

There’s been coverage in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, LA Times, the Guardian, and so many other outlets. Yarn shops are reporting shortages of pink yarn, and the hats are all over social media – and celebrities are talking about them, making and wearing them: Rosanne Cash, Patti Smith, Anna Paquin, Neko Case, and many, many others.

There are Women’s Marches taking place all over the world this coming Saturday. A lot of stores — including Yarns Untangled, my LYS — are collecting hats to distribute to marchers in both local and the DC event.

Both Jillian and I have made hats, and will be wearing them on Saturday.

Time is getting short, but if you can get your hands on about 75yds/70m of a super-bulky yarn, you can follow my notes to make a hat or two in plenty of time for Saturday. Friend of the show and crochet-master Kim Werker has published her notes for crochet version.

I will be attending the Toronto March with many members of the Toronto knitting community. #resist

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7 thoughts on “WWW: On the Pink Hats

  1. Kelly H

    Don’t forget that if you can only get your hands on worsted, 3 strands of that (think Navajo plied) makes a super bulky weight yarn. (I made a bunch of Pussy Hats like that.)

  2. Kitten With A Whiplash

    I wish that the Dem’s who’ve decided not to attend as a protest, would go – wearing Pussy Hats! That might lend a little credence to the whole movement.

  3. Lori Wallin

    I’ve made 11 hats so far using a bulky weight pattern I adapted from Kat Coyle’s PussyHat pattern. I’ll be wearing mine and marching in Spokane, WA with a couple thousand of my closest friends.

    The debate over the PussyHat Project has has been lively here in the northwest, and I think that’s to our advantage; it’s started a dialogue we might not have had otherwise, and its bringing attention to the March. And it has demonstrated that women can disagree passionately on certain topics, yet still unite in support of the ideals and values they share.


  4. Sarah

    I wish I could attend the march, but cannot. I have been knitting and sewing hats that will go to the march. I’ve only made twelve, but I might be able to make more in time.

  5. Nancy Gossett

    @Fleur: Ah, I wish I’d seen your comment earlier, Fleur, as there is an organization called Suffering the Silence (#MarchingWithMe) that pairs marchers with disabled supporters of the march — I too cannot march, due to a bone disease, but will be represented there as a face of the many disabled who would wish to be there. My hats will be in DC, too, and I’ll be at my local NY march, though seated :). Best wishes to you.

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