New To Me Fiber: The Homestead Hobbyist

logoI was introduced to Ken of The Homestead Hobbyist and his delectable fiber at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat this year. To say that I fell hard is an understatement. I went back to his booth at least four times to buy fiber and sent many, many people to shop at his booth. It is only becasue I was on a strict budget that I didn’t just empty his booth into my suitcase.


L to R: Dyckia, Nevertheless She Persisted, Eye Witness


Ken does amazing things with color, rich and earthy without becoming muddy. He also has the most unusual blends of fibers that I’ve ever run across. He takes very particular care of his fiber when he dyes it. Even the finest of the fibers are ‘shake and spin’ ready, not one of the fibers I bought is compacted.

Here’s what I bought, I am so excited to spin them that I am almost hesitant, but I know it is foolish to save them becasue Ken is always dyeing more.

In the photo to the right, left to right: 50% Rambouillet/50% Yak color: Dyckia; 50% 14.5 micron Merino/50% Cashmere color: Nevertheless She Persisted; 37.5% 18.5 micron Merino/37.5% Shetland/25% Mulberry Silk color: Eye Witness.


L to R: Wounded Ranger, Truffle Hunting, Sinningla


In the photo on the left from left to right: 50% Rambouillet.25% Yak/25% Mulberry Silk color: Wounded Ranger; 37.5% Rambouillet/37.5% Mulberry Silk/12.5% Max Loaghtan/12.5% Black Welsh color: Truffle Hunting; 50% Rambouillet/25% Black Welsh/25% Llama. The blends, the blends!

After Madrona Ken had a big booth at Stitches West, he is slowly refilling his shop. Keep checking to see what’s new; I did see some Yak/Silk and Merino/Cashmere there today.


I have very specific plans for some of these fibers, the others are still waiting. I do know I’ll be buying more of this fantastic fiber. Are you already a Homestead Hobbyist fan or is Ken a fiber artist that’s new to you?



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4 thoughts on “New To Me Fiber: The Homestead Hobbyist

  1. Tanja

    Huge fan here! My current wip is a sweater spin using his rambo in the most delicious tones.

  2. Jerry (MtownKnitGuy)

    Long time fan here. His colors are fantastic and I agree about the spinnability of the fibers. And he is such a nice guy, too. I just spun up a braid of his 62% superfine merino/25% mulberry silk/12% baby alpaca and it is just about the softest thing ever. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that 14.5 micron merino/cashmere blend.

  3. Sandy

    I’ve known Ken for quite some time via Ravelry….in fact, I was among the cheering section when he dyed his very first braid. He has worked hard and deserves every accolade that comes his way. Additionally, he is an absolute sweetheart of a fellow.

    Does this review mean that I’ll never be able to manage to buy from his updates again? I’ll have to stalk? LOL! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  4. John

    I have been a fan since our first meeting when he came to do a preview for my LYS, Northwest Yarns in Bellingham, WA. We spoke at great length about what kinds of colors are fun for us and how it is almost always about depth and richness. Currently, I have two pounds of various blends in my stash. It will be such a treat when I can spin them! Gotta clear my bobbins first…

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