Love + Leche Giveaway and Coupon Code!

The Love+Leche Gift Bag – it’s so cute!

This week we’re teaming up with the wonderful and creative folks over at Love+Leche for a giveaway of a Mini Lotion Bar Gift Bag.

I keep a Love+Leche lotion bar in my knitting bag and in my spinning tool kit. They are made of all natural beeswax and oils by a woman-owned business in New Mexico. They are marvelously moisturizing, smoothing out all of the rough spots on your hands and they smell amazing.

The Mini Lotion Bar Gift Bag includes an assortment of all six of our scents in mini-lotions that weigh approximately a half-ounce each:

  • lavender
  • lemongrass
  • lavender-mint
  • cedarwood
  • citrus-rose
  • lavender-rosemary

The bars come wrapped, without tins, but they are packaged in an adorable screen-printed canvas bag.


Ready to shop for bars now? Here’s a code from Love+Leche that will get you a little gift with your purchase.
Coupon code: knittysurprise

Buy one lotion bar in a tin (min $14) get a free mini balm sample ($4 value). Exp 5/31/17


Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Sunday April 30, 2017. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win a Love+Leche Mini Lotion Bar Gift Bag.  Giveaway value $28.00

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167 thoughts on “Love + Leche Giveaway and Coupon Code!

  1. Christine

    Given that I have more than once torn yarn due to rough hands, these sound like a useful knitting bag thing.

  2. Carol C

    I have permanently dry hands (and judging by the comments I’m not alone) so I’d love to try these lotion bars.

  3. Rochelle Ham

    I definitely need to get some of these! Though I suspect my husband will steal them as his hands get very rough with work, and all my other hand moisturisers have mysteriously vanished…

  4. Jaclyn

    I used to make my own soaps and lotion bars and love the idea of supporting this amazing woman-owned company! Lotion bars are the best when you travel and have liquid restrictions!

  5. Alia

    Oooh, this would be lovely! My hands are always dry, and these lotion bars would be perfect! I would love to try them!

  6. c8h10n4o2

    Could really use this since I started volunteering at the local animal fixing org and having my hands in disinfectant and hot water so much!

  7. Lisa Giovanetti

    whose hands couldn’t use a little help– we all use them so much! this sounds lovely.

  8. Ramona

    I’ve tried another brand of lotion bar but lately have been hearing a lot about these one and all reviews to date have been quite gushy. I’d be very interested to try it as my hands do get quite dry.

  9. Julia

    I love the idea of lotion bars, but I often find I have problems with scents – like one scent in a brand will give me a splitting headache, but another will be fine. Being able to have all of the scents to try out would be perfect, and help me know which I can order in the future!

  10. Lynn B

    Ohh. Something I need right now having just knit “Resist” had bands for the March for Science last week.

  11. Dari Trout

    Just tried their products earlier this year (and shared some with a FibreShare partner) They are fabulous!

  12. knithughesey

    I have a lotion bar in my knitting basket and use it often! I haven’t tried this brand yet. The lavender would be great to use at bedtime – lavender promotes sleep and I would wake up with soft hands!

  13. Susan P.

    I love lotion bars, but so many people are not familiar with them. This would let me easily share the joy!

  14. Tisha

    I’ve always been afraid of lotion bars, so this is probably a good chance to try them out. New Mexico is just down the road, so almost counts as local. 🙂

  15. Ginny

    Now that the gardening/weeding season has started my hands are getting really rough. I hate wearing gardening gloves so I am constantly trying to scrub ground in dirt off my hands. No handling of silk for me right now. Lotion bars might rescue poor hands.

  16. Helen Guthrie

    Ohh, I would love to try these! My hands get so horribly dry. And the scents sound delicious!

  17. YX

    Lotion bars, what a novel idea! I’ve been putting a tube of lotion in my knitting bag, that one day burst onto my knitting!

  18. PennyT.

    I love these! There’s one on my dresser, another in my knitting project bag, and a third by the sewing machine. I’ll be all over this sale offer.

  19. Kristen

    Solid lotion bars are the best! I saw these at a show and forgot to mark down where they were then couldn’t find them again (it’s so easy to get overwhelmed). Thanks, Knitty, for the reminder!

  20. Kim

    I smelled a lot of Love & Leche’s products at Stitches West – very nice, not overscented. Love these products!

  21. Leslie C

    Oh, my cracked elbows but those look wonderful! Are those all natural? I need to look into this company!

  22. Kate

    These look marvelous, although I’m most excited about the bag with the goat on it. (My husband is used to me exclaiming, “Oh, a goat! I love goats!” whenever I see one, whether in person or on TV.)

  23. Angela M.

    Hope to try these. It subtracts from the joy of knitting or spinning to have little burrs on your fingers catch the fiber.

  24. Karina

    I am also a potter and especially during the winter months, my hands get frightfully dry. Anything that helps is cery appreciated.

  25. maget

    Winter in the Yukon has been brutal on my hands so I’d love to try these to smooth things out.

  26. Kandace Lackore

    Winter dryness + gardening roughness = icky hands. This might just be the ticket : ).

  27. Meredith MC

    I love solid lotion bars! They are my favorite and never messy, plus they smell amazing! Thanks for the contest

  28. Enid

    I recently started spinning, and these lotion bars would be a great addition to my kit, as they’ll help my hands and fiber stay working.

  29. Annette

    YUM! These sound fantastic. Living in a very dry climate I always need lotion…would be fun to win this!

  30. Debbie Ott

    This would be so nice! Maybe I could get back to spinning silk if I used the lotion bars. 🙂 Right now my hands are too rough and dry.
    I’m gonna have to put aside some pennies to get me some.

  31. Kaitlyn

    I had 10 years ago a lotion bar in a deodorant-type tube that was pretty good. Gotta try this though.

  32. Jeanie

    Lotion bars are great as they don’t leave your hands greasy or wet like regular lotions can. Have never tried this brand, maybe now I will.

  33. Emmie

    as i’ve become a more skilled knitter, my skin says, “you’re just getting older!” i could use this!

  34. Linda S

    Nothing like a good lotion bar, and I love the reusable/recyclable packaging! Thanks for the chance to try these.

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