Photo Attribution in the New Knitty, Spinning Blogs, Podcasts and Vlogs

Adorable Akerworks Flyer Threader, photo by Evantia Montalvo


A photo attribution was left off of a photo in the new Knitty in Cool Stuff. It is fixed on the page, but I want to let everyone know that the photo of the orange hedgehog Akerworks Flyer Threader was taken by Evantia Montalvo.

I apologize Evantia for leaving off the attribution, it’s a great photo!






I am on the hunt for spinning (or spinning heavy) blogs, podcasts and vlogs. I need more spinning in my life! Tell me your favorites and I will list them here. While you’re at it, tell me which Ravelry groups you love for spinning. I feel like I’m in a rut, always reading and listening to the same things over and over. It’s spring and I need something new for my spinning brain.


I am off to Yarn Fest! I hope to see some of you there!



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4 thoughts on “Photo Attribution in the New Knitty, Spinning Blogs, Podcasts and Vlogs

  1. Emily M

    I don’t really follow any spinning vlogs or podcasts, however, I do follow a couple of spinning and fiber focused twitch live streamers. You can either watch live and participate in chat or watch the archived videos of past streams. The main spinners I know of there are:

    I am sure there are more I don’t know off the top of my head. You can find them in the creative section of twitch or searching specific terms if they hash tag their streams. There is a beta feature in the works that will help find them easier but sadly isn’t easy to navigate yet. There is also a twitch group called knotty by nature that shares a lot of fiber artists in gen

  2. Isa Ribeiro

    You probably already know about Rachel Smith’s youtube channel and all that is attached (ravelry group, audiopodcast via patreon, her blog), but I’d also like to recomend the video podcasts (youtube) Fibretown (channel Emily Estrada), Fibretrek, Tiny Fibre Studio and Grace Shalom Hopkins. The majority has ravelry groups, some with spinalongs/knitalongs/craftalongs. Other podcasts that also have a healthy portion of spinning are Handmade and Wollen and the Passionknit spinner, but their focus is not handspinning or using handspun. On audio podcasts, Knitbritish talks a lot about british wool and its characteristics and Yarns at Yin Hoo and Sweet Georgia show often include a spinning segment. I don’t follow ravelry discussions much, other than fibre/equipment destash pages, my wheel’s group, tour de fleece when it comes up, and the ocasional dyer/producer for whichever fiber I’m planning on spinning next. And I don’t think I have any spinning blog recommendations you don’t know about already (knitty, ply magazine, Abby Franquemont, Beth Smith).

    1. Isa Ribeiro

      I new I forgot someone, Chrissy Graham and knittingthestash on youtube also have regular spinning segments.

  3. martha

    Yarnspinners tales is a podcast that I listen to regularly, She had been on for quite a while.

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