Tudor Roses Giveaway!

Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore, photography by Jade Starmore

The kind folks at Dover Publications have given us a copy of the newly released paperback version of the glorious Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore.

This is a paperback reprint of the exquisite Alice and Jade Starmore’s 2013 recreation of 1998’s Tudor Roses. 2013’s Tudor Roses had new sweaters and all new photography. The designs span the women of the Tudor dynasty from Elizabeth Woodville to Mary, Queen of Scots.

To say the sweaters and the photography are stunning is to just scratch the surface. This is a knitting book of sweaters so finely wrought that just looking at the pictures will excite and inspire you. Even if you never plan on knitting one, you will go back to look at the designs like they are fine art.



Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Sunday April 9, 2017. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win a copy of Tudor Roses.  Giveaway value $29.95.


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499 thoughts on “Tudor Roses Giveaway!

  1. Tasha Cooper

    When I discovered this book, it was not available! I have been dreaming of the day when it would be available again. Happy days!

  2. Ellen Bradley

    This is such a fantastic book – I have been watching for a good used copy for years. Fingers crossed I will be Starmore-ing soon (it’s better than knitting!).

  3. Louise Alessi

    I have the first book (1998) and would love to have this newer edition. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Mary

    Thank you for the opportunity. Have not seen these before so having the book at hand would be inspiring.

  5. Patsy Vander Schaaf

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Making a sweater like that would be a wonderful challenge!

  6. Studio Roots Joke

    I realy would love to have this book, I am a big fan of Alice & Jade Starmore and have knitted 9 of their sweaters and cardigans, but I don’t have this book <3

  7. Anna Marie

    Wow, how exciting there’s a reprint! It’s a true classic, and I would love to own it.

  8. Margaret Taverner

    I love doing fair-isle and this would certainly be a challenge, but soooo worth the time!

  9. Alison

    I’m a total reference book junkie. Please feed my habit. <3
    I have a couple of her books now and enjoy them for both the interesting reading and the glorious photos. If I had a coffee table, they'd be the books on it.

  10. Julie H.

    Oh my! I would love a copy of this book. First heard about it on the Fruity Knitting podcast and I’ve been obsessing ever since…

  11. Ellen

    Knitting has been my passion for decades. I have even dared to knit one of Alice Starmore’s designs from The Celtic Collection. It would be great to bring some more British traditional designs to the Netherlands!

  12. Lorna Lyon

    So beautiful….I would be thrilled if I am lucky enough to try to win a copy of this fabulous book!

  13. Becca

    What intricate work in these sweater’s! Someone is going to be very lucky when they win!

  14. Kristine M.

    I love this book! I first heard about it from the book Sweater Quest & have wanted it ever since.

  15. Suzanne Magnuson

    I’d love to own this, but I fear the skill test as I’m self-taught and have been doing color work probably technically wrong since high school.

  16. Elizabeth

    Alice Starmor is a phenomenal designer. I would LOVE to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Emily M

    Ahhhh! I have been oogling the patterns from that book for so long! They are just all so pretty!

  18. Erin Weisbart

    My mom’s friend has a copy of the original book and when she discovered I’m a knitter she was thrilled to show it to me. I’ve been fantasizing about knitting one of the sweaters since. Would love to see the updated version!

  19. Carol M

    A friend of mine was gifted with a hard copy when the book was first published. I’d love to have my own copy

  20. Inge

    Answering a skill testing question…so curious if I would pass that test! I hope so, because this book is on my wish list….

  21. Brenda

    What a beautiful Heirloom this would be to knit. Such a talented designer, who’s designs and publications are always timeless.
    I would love to knit knit this remarkable pattern.

  22. Jane Beauchamp

    Wow! I’ve been a Starmore fan for a long time and would love to try one of her projects. Beautiful!!

  23. Jeniffer

    I just finished reading a book about knitting a Starmore. I’d love to have the chance to try it myself.

  24. Katy Reddick

    After reading Sweater Quest, I totally want this book, although I am not sure I have the courage to complete one of these!

  25. Jeannine Sims aka j9knits

    I was fortunate enough to have some classes w/Alice Starmore, Wooly West in Salt Lake City many years ago.

  26. ZsaZsa

    Such a gorgeous book. I always hear people talking about this book, and I’ve seen people knit these patterns, and they’re all such incredible works of art… just stunning!

  27. Jennifer Davis

    This book is practically a piece of history and I’d be super honored to own it.

  28. Judy Phillips

    I have gazed and gazed at the patterns pages for this this book on Ravelry since it was first published. Stunning designs.

  29. Alisa Cohen

    I have yet to venture into colorwork, but this would certainly be inspiration to jump in!

  30. Chenoa Anderson

    So beautiful! I’m working on a Starmore project right now, and would love to have this book!

  31. Brenda

    Alice Starmore, do I need to say anything else. Such talent and a wonderful give away.

  32. Rachel Raynor

    I adore Alice Starmore and we’re currently staying near Uig, Skye so I reckon if I had a good pair of binoculars I might be able to spot the woman herself!

  33. Michele Welk

    I am using a design from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Needlepoint in my work presently. My love of cable’s and intricate color work design have made me a Starmore collector. 🙂

  34. Jen Huhta

    I just discovered this the other day and added it to my wish list! Alice’s designs are always breathtaking.

  35. Eleanor

    Yes, please. I would love a copy of that book. If I don’t win one, I will surely shell out the $$ and buy one. Thanks for alerting us to the fact that it has been reissued.

  36. Olympia

    Thank you for the giveaway, this book has been on my wishlist since I started knitting 3 years ago!

  37. Jody Manning

    This would be a wonderful addition to any knitter’s library, but my wee shelf of books could use it especially.

  38. Kelly H

    I love Alice Star more and think she’s brilliant, and insane (in a good way). I’d love to get this book!!

  39. Maureen Wilson

    Love the image Tudor Roses conjures up. I have a number of her books but not this one!

  40. Diane

    How did I not know this book exists? Adding it to my wishlist in the chance I don’t win…

  41. Deborah

    Alice is such an inspiration. I already have a few of her books, another would be great!

  42. Abby M

    Alice is amazing, all of her sweaters are art. I would love to get my mitts on this book

  43. Vithard Villumsen

    I missed the Alice Starmore lecture by a second in Scotland
    I’ve always been a big fan of her work

  44. Loraine McClean

    I love Alice Starmore, she is queen of translating inspiration into magical knitting.

  45. Eva-Lotta Scavo

    Alice Starmore is really a brilliant designer and to win the book would be gorgeous!

  46. Leslie Larsen

    This looks like a stunning book, very inspirational, someone will be very lucky to win this.

  47. Shannon

    I have recently begun color work and if I were to win this book may even feel brave enough to knit the cover sweater!

  48. Catherine Gilbert

    I love these knits.. This is a stunning book with the backdrop of a fascinating and significant period of history.

  49. Samina

    Alice Starmore has an amazing sense of design & color. I’d love to have this in my library.

  50. Síle

    I so love Alice Starmore’s books and Jade is just as talented. I have another of their books that is children’s sweaters; works of art more like! so beautiful and inspiring 🙂

  51. Jan Hedden

    One day I will be brave enough to knit a jacket out of this book. And when I do, I’ll wear it to Rhinebeck.

  52. Susan Wilson

    Alice Starmore is the best. Most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen. And her yarn is to die for.

  53. Cat

    That looks so amazing! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Tudors, would love to win this!

  54. linda

    If the designs inside this book are as beautiful as the cover, this is one wonderful collection!

    🙂 Linda

  55. Megan Kemmis

    I love anything that harks back to the Arts and Crafts movement and William Morris – this looks absolutely gorgeous!

  56. Genny

    I almost bought this while traveling a few weeks ago, but decided to postpone the purchase so I wouldn’t have to carry it all over New York that day. Winning it would be even better!

  57. Cathy

    I don’t need the book — I have BOTH the original and the Dover reprint.

    I want to say, though, thatI I think this is my FAVORITE book of patterns. The designs are absolutely amazing, and the photography is stunning! When I bought the first edition, I was returning to knitting after a 20-year hiatus, and the designs were knits that I only dreamed of doing. I’m now a skilled lace knitter; cables and textured knits are my 2nd favorite thing to knit. I have my eye on the Henry VII and Margaret Tudor sweaters after I finish the Shetland lace shawl I’ve been working on for the past few months. And then I can look forward to learningcolorwork so that I can knit the marvelous tapestry-like colorwork sweaters …

  58. Venice Smith

    This is a beautiful book and one I have thought about buying. I love Alice Starmore. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win it!

  59. Liz Smith

    I look at these books, close my eyes, and dream of retirement when I will finally have the time to attempt such a project

  60. Patricia

    The sweater on the cover is my challenge to myself to one day knit this beautiful creation.

  61. Tiffany Christine Miller

    One of these sweaters is on my bucket list. I’m going to Shetland thus year and hope to buy enough Jamieson & Smith to tackle one.

  62. Amanda Swanson

    Ooh! I would love to learn to knit an Alice Starmore. Her color choices are always so perfectly balanced for colorwork.

  63. Jo Karen MacAulay

    I may never knit one of the sweaters, but I will love just looking at the photos!

  64. Becky

    I’ve looked at this book so many times before! There are so many luscious patterns to try. 🙂

  65. Geraldine Bowman

    Oh my, this is absolutely stunning! I have a lot of projects ahead me but this would rank first.

  66. Ginny

    Somehow I missed buying this book when it first came out and I love the details in the patterns.

  67. Claire

    It’s amazing how knitting can be so intricate. I would love to be at that level when the time comes..

  68. Karina

    I have admired this book for some time, and might actually work up the gumption to make one of these wonderful patterns if I won the book. Very nice of the publisher and you to offer this. Thank you.

  69. Debbie G

    I can’t travel at this point in my life… So being able to travel through Alice Starmore’s book would be more traveling happiness than I could ever imagine!

  70. Christine Wolfe

    I have Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting, and am using it now to shape a cardigan! What a great companion this would be!

  71. Karen

    I loved Adrienne Martini’s book Sweater Quest about Tudor Roses and her obsession with knitting one of these gorgeous sweaters. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  72. Kim

    I love these sweaters, but it feels like my Mount Kilimanjaro! Not sure my skills are that level, and that’s after knitting for many many years! (Colorwork still scares me!)

  73. Maru

    I know Tudor Roses since I started to knit. It’s a such beautiful work! I’d love to have one.

  74. Nadja Miller

    I love those colors. They are amazing. I bought one of her scarf kits. Hope to work my way to a sweater

  75. purplepenguin

    I would love this! It would be a real challenge, but it’s worth it! An heirloom destined to be handed down!

  76. Laurel Wadley

    I have seen this book before and “almost” ordered it, but never did. Just the pictures are worth having the book……

  77. Laura O

    Making a Starmore sweater is on my bucket list.. Actually in my queue! Amazing works of art.

  78. Cindy Verdugo

    I don’t know if I could answer a skills question but the patterns in the 1998 book were very pretty.

  79. Judy

    I actually saw an ebook release of this book and LOVE the sweaters! What is fun is the history behind each of the women and why she chose the design she did.

  80. Judy

    This book is just stunning,the designs are exquisite and I have been wishing for it for a long time.

  81. Zsuzsa Moonraker

    The patterns in this book are fantastic. I would be happy to knit one of these masterpieces at least.

  82. Ramona

    I’ve seen a few of these sweaters on podcasts lately. The colour work is a bit intimidating but I’m sure the book would help.

  83. Helen Gunther

    I would love it even just to look at not sure I could live up to the skill required but one can dream.

  84. Louise Gordon

    Beeeaaauuutiful book. Just finished Hedgerow, a Fair Isle sweater that is steeked. Learned so much.
    Me encanta!

  85. Amy Wooley

    The very first truly beautiful knitting book I owned was by Alice St armored. Inspiring designs photographed in stunningly beautiful settings caused me to splurge and spend more than I could afford because I needed that beauty in my life. It became the beginning of the little personal library, which provides me with great joy. Thank you, Alice!

  86. Lynn Anne

    I haven’t had the chance to see a copy of the new book. What a great idea to update it for the re-release!

  87. Lynn

    I’m amazed simply by the sweater on the cover! I’d love to see what the rest of the book holds.

  88. Janie Gibson

    I first saw this book years ago and fell in love, but never picked up a copy. It’s amazing!

  89. Carol MM

    Me please! I would love to add this book to my collection. And maybe even attempt a few.

  90. PennyT.

    Wow, that cover sweater is gorgeou! I’d love to add this book to mr Staremore collection.

  91. Sue

    Absolutely the most amazing gift to offer! Beautiful and practical, all the hours that I could spend just browsing through the book, plus the joy of knitting something so breathtakingly lovely. Thank you.

  92. shannon Vincin Claunch

    This looks lovely! Always something new to learn and projects to drool over.

  93. Charlotte Groves

    Oh, wow! I checked it out of the Public Library once, and hav lusted to own it ever since.

  94. Bronwyn

    Oh, I’ve been coveting this book ever since I first saw it! It’s just so dang gorgeous!

  95. Carol Kress

    I would be so fascinated looking at those pictures, I wouldn’t actually have time to knit. Stunning!

  96. Debra

    The patterns in the book are truly lovely. Would love to own a copy. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  97. Marni Schroeder

    Oh my I saw this book at weaving works- such a beautiful piece of art and inspiration – I just took a class on color work and am ready to jump in

  98. Karen Clausen

    A lovely book full of gorgeous sweaters. Who wouldn’t want this book for their knitting library!

  99. Dana Watsham

    I own the hardcover version.

    But my sister, Susanne Klepter, richly deserves to win this!

  100. Marykate

    I’ve loved this book ever since reading Sweater Quest. So glad to see it in preprint.

  101. Barb B in BC

    So gorgeous! The patterns look challenging but worth every stitch. Thanks for the chance.

  102. Caryn

    Even if I don’t win, I’m probably going to end up buying this book anyway. The patterns in it are so, so gorgeous.

  103. Amie Melnychuk

    I’ve been drooling over this colourwork book for a long time. And I am also in love with the textured knits, too!

  104. Jane-Elise Thomas

    I am amazed by the skill level of some knitters. I love to see beautiful, intricate, challenging knitting. These appear to be the types of things which I aspire to do. I would love to have a copy of this book!

  105. Robin F.

    Alice Starmore patterns are intimidating to me but the book may be the inspiration I need. So beautiful.

  106. Tisha

    I would love this book! I put it on my birthday list, but winning it would let me get two knitting books instead of one!

  107. Katherine Osborne

    Beautiful garments, exquisite knitting. I’ll throw my hat into this ring! Whoever wins is lucky!

  108. Gwen Gotsch

    Alice Starmore designs inspire me to be a better knitter and to pay special attention to fine craftsmanship. I would love to own this book!

  109. Desireé

    This would be the perfect addition to my knitting library! Thanks, Knitty and good luck to all!

  110. Connie

    Beautiful knits to inspire that must have sweater. I am ready to tackle a full sweater project as soon as I decide which one. I really need the inspiration to get me going

  111. Elisabet Mikaelsson

    All these beautiful patterns, and by an e-book I can have them with me at any time.

  112. Meg Bigler

    I may be late, but better than never for this lovely. Yarn too? Right I know. Thank you!

  113. Janet

    The perfect next step as I completed my St. Brigid And was looking for something beautiful and inspired and now there is a whole new compendium

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