What Knitting for Big Trip?

My Jenkins Spindle and Greenwood Fiberworks Yak/Silk.

I’m very lucky to be going on a 12-day Viking River Cruise in a week (!). I have almost everything sorted, suitcase, clothes, shoes, the kids clothes and shoes, but what knitting do I bring? I have a little spinning to bring, my Jenkins Delight and a pack of Greenwood Fiberworks yak/silk will keep me busy in the spinning department.

My socks will rock!

I am confounded when it comes to what knitting to bring. I want to knit something that doesn’t have a deadline and isn’t a swatch. I want something that I can chat while I knit.My mother-in-law, who is taking us says there is a lot of chatting on the ship.

I know I am bringing a skein of yarn I’ve been hanging onto to make into socks in my new Happy Birthday present from Amy  Splityarn octopus box bag. The yarn Socks That Rock medium weight in Farmhouse. It’s been marinating in my stash for many years, maybe 8. Now I’m ready to knit it and to knit socks, which I haven’t done in about the same number of years.

But what else? Another special braid I’ve been saving? I’m considering that with an easy to memorize lace pattern to make a scarf or wrap, depending on the yarn. Or something completely different. What do you suggest?

Imagine my handspun beacelet.


Also tagging along will be a Stash Blaster Bracelet Loom from Purl and Loop. I’ve been waiting not very patiently for these to be available. I can’t wait to see what my handspun looks like as a bracelet.

I wonder what the people on the ship will be most interested in, the knitting, the spinning or the weaving?


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10 thoughts on “What Knitting for Big Trip?

  1. Deborah Graham

    Lucky you! We just got back from the Viking Thor on the Danube. It was the best vacation ever. Are you taking your children? I was under the impression that children were not allowed. At least that was the way it was on our ship. Have fun and bring your knitting. I sat and knit in the lounge and on the bus and any time we had free time!

  2. Genny

    My parents sent my sister and I on a Rhine river cruise, and among the other wonderful memories I often think about the stole I knit on board, Quadri by Jutta von Hinterm Stein. It was great knitting for chatting, simple but inventive and beautiful. Also it seemed appropriate to be working on a pattern by a German designer! Enjoy your trip!

  3. c8h10n4o2

    I’m doing a Growing Columns Shawl in two yarns: one an ombre and one a self-patterning sock. It’s super easy to memorize and is mostly garter with a few YOs, and if you have enough markers, you don’t even have to count to the purl ridges.

  4. Edie Eckman

    I just got back from a 2-week Viking River Cruise, and found that my beautiful lace shawl was not ideal vacation knitting. I switched to a plain-ish sock partway through the trip. There is lots of chatting and knitting in public time, but the lighting was poor much of the time (in the bar, at night), so easy was best. Spinning would have been OK, I think.
    Have fun!

  5. Melissa

    I just got back from a 2.5 week trip (albeit not a river cruise) to the Netherlands and France. Wanna guess how much I knit during it? Half a plain vanilla sock. There was so much to do and look at, and in the evenings (in our room or sitting in a bar) what I really wanted to do was write about it. Fully agree on the easy project recommendation!
    My tip for you is that if you’re going to knit socks or some other small tube, either work magic loop–style or on two circular needles. You’re going to be knitting places where you’ll want the chances of dropping and losing a needle to be zero. Have fun!

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