Feet and Heads: Sizing Tables

Waaaaayyyyy back in 2011, I kicked off a survey to gather information about foot size, to help sock knitters and designers. In 2015, the book Custom Socks was published, with all the details from the survey results, and a whole load more information about fitting socks.

Knitters and designers are always asking about foot size, and so I’ve decided to publish a key excerpt from the book: the foot size tables.

If you’re making socks, and all you know is the recipient’s shoe size, this should give you a good sense of what size to aim for. I’ve also included guidance on the size of sock to make for each foot size. If you do know the actual foot size, use that instead. This table also helps if you only, for example, know the foot circumference – you can get a sense of what the length might be.

Visit Kate’s site for the full table

And it’s not just feet: Hat Designer Extraordinaire Woolly Wormhead has a very similar guide for head and hat sizing, too!

Visit Woolly’s site for the full table


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