Glaswegian Giveaway!

Monday morning is always an excellent time for a giveaway!

Glaswegian is beautiful!


This morning thanks to the generous folks at Berroco we’re giving away a yarn pack of Istex Plötulopi to make Amy Christoffers divine sweater Glaswegian in the  brand new Deep Fall Knitty!

Plötulopi is lighter than air and knits up at a 5-ish stitches to an inch gauge. That gauge combined with an Icelandic style makes for a lickity-split-quick knitting sweater, perfect for kicking off fall knitting.

Glaswegian is one of those perfect sweater that will never get put away all fall and winter because you’ll wear it nearly everyday.


Ready to enter? Just leave a comment below between now and Sunday!





Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and 11:59 pm eastern time, Sunday October 1, 2017. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win a a yarn pack from Berroco of Istex Plötulopi to make Glaswegian in the size of their choosing. Value of contest $47.50-$66.50 USD.

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460 thoughts on “Glaswegian Giveaway!

  1. Kristie Michalowski

    First time entering for a contest on knittyblog…hope if I win I can answer the question ;o)
    What a wonderful sweater design and would like to try the yarn also.

  2. Aimee Haase

    I just learned how to steek and I might just turn all my sweaters into cardigans. It’s too hot in NoVa for a pullover wool sweater. This would make a great jacket.

  3. Kara

    This sweater really caught my eye…and I love Plotulopi, I’ve knit 3 sweaters in it…and would love to have more…and more colors!

  4. Ashley W

    What a great sweater and fabulous giveaway. It’s starting to get crisp, so the perfect time to think about fall knitting.

  5. Penny Pritchard

    A sweater such as this has been on my wish list to knit for years! And the colours and design of this one are just right! Here’s hoping that I can knit this sooner than later 🙂

  6. Lisa

    I’ve been sighing over this cardigan since last week even though it’s in the 90’s here today. I would love to expand my color work abilities with this.

  7. Janice Ledingham-Barnes

    I absolutely love this cardigan. I haven’t done any colorwork for years and am itching to give it a try again and this would be the perfect beginning project.

  8. Samina

    I’m a Lopi pattern junkie & hands down, this is my favorite sweater in the new issue! It would awesome to win the kit for it.

  9. Nora Howley

    The first sweater I knit (almost 35 years ago) was an Icelandic yoked sweater. I would love to do another.

  10. Roxy

    Seeing as Glasgow was where I was born and bred, I would love to have the chance to knit Glaswegian in its intended colour and yarn!

  11. Arianne

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ❤️ !
    Whether I will win the yarn or not, I am going to knit this anyway. However, winning would be splendid…..
    I am knitting with Lett Lopi quite a lott and I was just contemplating Plotülopi for my next sweater. I am from the Netherlands, is that a problem?

  12. Christie Frank

    I’ve been stalking sweaters with patterned yokes all month, and Glaswegian is one of my top possibilities! Love that little pop of yellow to make the pattern sing.

  13. Patti Stanczyc

    I have always loved the Icelandic type sweaters but have only made one (I do have one on the needles, but it is coming out too large). Both the one sweater I made eons ago and the one on the needles are pullovers. A cardi would be such a “go-to” sweater!

  14. holly

    Another fan of the colors here. And, I need a fast knit for fall. That, or I need to get to work on all the sweater repair I should be doing.

  15. Dari T

    What a beautiful sweater! I have been thinking about trying something in an Icelandic yarn for a while. This could be just the thing!

  16. Simone D.

    Have always had an an ambition to knit a Icelandic yoke, and would love to try steeking as well.
    Would very much appreciate this wool!

  17. Jennifer Davis

    I’ve wanted to knit a lopi for some time now but have had a hard time finding authentic yarn that’s both soft, budget friendly, and available to the United states so even if I don’t win thanks for the link to this yarn!

  18. Kitten WAW

    I love the patterned yokes, and they never go out of style. This is a lovely pattern, thanks for the giveaway. KittenWhiplash on rav.

  19. Emily O

    Oh my goodness I love this pattern so much! And I love Plotulopi so much!!! It’s such a fun beautiful yarn to work with! Yay Berrocco and Knitty for an amazing giveaway!

  20. Margo

    I’ve knit with lett lopi, and I would love to try out knitting with Plotulopi! A great sweater to knit as well.

  21. Ellen Moore

    I knitted a similar sweater for my boy friend, now my dh, but fortunately, I am a better knitter now, so I would like to win the yarn to knit myself that gorgeous cardigan. If I don’t win, I will buy the yarn and knit, so there! But it would be so nice to win.

  22. Savannagal

    I’m excited for a chance to win the yarn to make this lovely cardigan. I’m also nervous about being chosen, as I’m not sure I have the knowledge to answer the skill question. I’d hate to lose from simple ignorance. There’s so much to learn.

  23. Ellen Moore

    I hope I win the yarn to knit this gorgeous sweater for myself. If I don’t win, I will surely purchase the yarn and pattern and knit for me. (But winning would be so sweet!)

  24. Deb Greenberger

    I keep wondering how I can get my husband to take a vacation in Iceland so I can collect all sorts of Icelandic yarns.

  25. Ann Tucker

    The whole issue was really nice! (Can’t wait to cast on Lesula!) But this card I was another standout for me.

  26. Jan

    Oh, what a lovely sweater! I had a similar one in neutrals years ago, and I loved it! Thank you for the chance to win the kit!

  27. Kimbeaux

    What a fabulous giveaway! Just seeing the sweater is making me finish my WIP so I’ll be ready to knit it.

  28. Karen

    That cardigan went straight into my favourites! I love a fair isle yoke. I’d love to win the yarn, thanks for the chance!

  29. Josiane

    I live in that kind of cardigan all winter, and winters are long here! As I have one such super-light-yet-super-warm cardigan that has started to develop holes, getting the yarn to make a new one following this lovely pattern would be awesome!

  30. Vicki

    The cardigan looks amazing and perfect for knitting during my last 6 months of my PhD in Glasgow, very apt!

  31. Donna

    I know I would love that sweater because I had a commercial one that accidentally got felted. It’s about time I replaced it.

  32. Anne

    That would be fun to knit, especially since my grandfather was born outside Glasgow! Whether or not I win, that pattern is going into my queue.

  33. Mary Williams

    Me, please! I’ve been intimidated by color matching choices and stranded color work. This would help me tackle both in one project!

  34. linda

    What a nice give away prize! I’ve hesitated to start anything as complex looking as this sweater – but winning the kit will certainly push me over _that_ edge!

    🙂 Linda

  35. Karen

    What a gorgeous sweater! I also love that the photos were taken (and published) sans buttons–this is how real knitters operate!

  36. MadTatter

    That sweater is flat-out gorgeous. As for the plotulopi…I kit a lace shawl with it once, and the result was *amazing*. Super light AND crazy warm!

  37. Stacey D

    That’s a gorgeous sweater and I’ve been wanting to try plötulopi! Thanks for such a cool opportunity!

  38. Gwyn

    What a great giveaway! It’s a beautiful pattern, plus Icelandic wool is like magic. I’d love to give plutolopi a try.

  39. Elizabeth M

    This is my favorite project from Deep Fall Knitty. I made a sweater with this yarn that I finished in the spring, too late to wear because the weather got hot quickly. The yarn is a pleasure to knit with. I hope I’m the lucky winner

  40. Sarah

    Steeking and colorwork are one area in which I would love to grow and this looks like just the sweater to start playing with techniques.

  41. Rachel

    Actually knitting a sweater is on my list. I keep not buying a new one because I feel like I should knit it myself! This one would do!

  42. Ellen Shlasko

    I am just finishing the Laurel cardigan, which I love. This would make a perfect gift for my soon-to-be eighteen year old niece.

  43. Pien Wijtmans Bouwhuis

    This looks like a wonderful sweater to cozy up in on a cold winter evening. I love the color combination.

  44. Laura

    This caught my eye as soon as I saw the new Knitty! I’ve been wanting to try a yoked sweater for a while.

  45. Pam

    I once knit a sweater that was supposed to be made of lopi yarn out of something else – it was TOOO heavy. What a nice give-away!

  46. Sara Esterly

    Love the colors!! Have never tried to knit Icelandic styles yet but think I’d be ready with this one. It’s beautiful!!

  47. Marni S

    Oh my I really want to try a multi color sweater- but picking colors and buying all those little skeins – I keep putting it off this would be perfect to get my feet wet

  48. CarolMM

    That’s such a Beautiful Cardigan!
    Winning this would definitely give me the kick in the pants I need to finish my Afmaeli sweater.

  49. Julia

    I can always tell when the year is heading into fall – even if it’s August – because I start getting the urge to knit cables and cozy sweaters with colorwork yokes. And then Knitty presents me with a gorgeous design, and even better, the chance to win the yarn to make it with! I would love to be able to make this!

  50. Claire Xia

    Gasp. I’ve been dying to knit a sweater in the Norwegian/Icelandic style.
    Out of Plotulopi.
    This is the giveaway of my dreams.

  51. CynthiaC

    So beautiful. And so hard to find the yarn locally. Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to all. Maybe an extra dose of luck to me. 😉

  52. Elizabeth-Anne kukurs

    Of course I would love to win this prize, not only is it gorgeous, but I AM a Glaswegian having been born and brought up inGlasgow

  53. Melanie Joseph

    What a pretty sweater. Maybe it’s time to finally buckle down and knit my first adult sweater for myself – have knit lots of accessories but only kid-size sweaters so far.

  54. Maureen Hetrick

    Well, it’s still in the high 80s here in the US south, but I’d love to start this, so that I could wear it when (if?) it ever gets cool. I adore the colors!

  55. Nancy gossett

    I love this sweater, and though I’ve worked with lopi and litelopi, I haven’t ever had plutolopi and have always wanted to try it!

  56. Meredith MC

    I’m ready to knit my first Icelandic sweater with plutolopi. Yay! Thanks for the contest, Knitty and Berroco!

  57. Judy Phillips

    I am SO excited that plotulopi is coming to the US at long last! I have friends on a lopi knitting group on Ravelry who make gorgeous creations from this mysterious wispy stuff. Can’t wait to try it!

  58. Lauri

    This is such a gorgeous sweater and I can’t wait to knit it up. My daughter just came back from a trip to Glasgow and somehow it just seems fitting to knit us both sweaters. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  59. Mary

    I saw this type of sweater while i was in Iceland. The were pretty pricy but beautiful. I would love to replicate it by making one myself. Thanks for the chance.

  60. Katrina Fast

    I’ve been wanting to knit with this yarn for a while now, and this cardigan seems a perfect place to start!

  61. Christine F.

    Such a beautiful sweater ! I had a commercial one like that and my husband got so tired of seeing me in it, he actually expressed it so. I love wearing cardigans .

  62. Jennifer Jamieson

    Would love to make this sweater! Just beautiful! It is so funny how things come and go…when I learned to knit (37 years ago) I knit a Lopi sweater (pullover). It really taught me a lot about knitting … sleeves, knitting in the round, intarsia…so happy to see these sweaters making a resurgence!

  63. Melissa Cox

    I have made one Lett-Lopi Icelandic sweater and am working on a second. I haven’t tried Plotulopi yet but would love to make the Glaswegian cardigan with it!

  64. Danielle

    Oh My! That sweater is wonderful, It would truly be a piece that I would take my time in knitting. Enjoying every knit and purl.

  65. Deanna Harris

    Love lopi. Love these colors. And especially love the 5-ish stitches, which would make this project go super fast!

  66. Debbie MacLellan

    I love these colours! I’ve always loved these sweaters but have never taken the time to make one for myself. Thus is definitely one I would love to have for me.

  67. Valerie Mizgalski

    This sweater is lovely! What a beautiful gift this will be for the lucky winner! Fingers crossed!!

  68. Ursula O'neill

    I have been eyeing this sweater since i first saw it a couple of days ago ! It’s stunning and definitely something i would make and wear

  69. Katie Campbell

    What a beautiful sweater! I’ve recently decided I want to knit more multiple colour sweaters. I’d love a chance to try this one out!

  70. terry Ferguson

    Oh!! Isn’t that just the most lovely cardigan. The yarn looks fabulous and I really love the colours.

  71. Ashley Langley

    The sweater is stunning. I have been wanting to make a yoked sweater for a long time…even if I could only wear it twice a year in NC.

  72. Deborah

    Blue is my go to color. I love everything about it. I would love a chance to win it. I love Lopi so much.

  73. Ginny

    I have some plotulopi and I decided to see if I could knit using a single strand (actually making a swatch). Half way through knitting the swatch I I found Glaswegian! Wow! A great pattern and what great timing.

  74. Nancy Hamilton

    Absolutely Love it! This is my favorite yarn and type of Sweater to make! Even if I don’t win I know I will knit this!

  75. Claire Gelinas

    If the sweater is an example of what the wool can do, I would love to try it, it looks so soft an comfortable.❤️

  76. Linda Archibald

    What a beautiful sweater! I love the colours and the fair isle design. The sweater is perfect for all-year wearing. Thank you!

  77. Jenn DiRocco

    This sweater reminds me of the ones that were popular in the 80s, when I was in high school! I’d love to make one for the memories and to wear!!

  78. Pam Campbell

    This looks like a lovely sweater and beautiful yarn. I’ve never knit with brand before. It would be beautiful on my daughter.

  79. Patricia

    I love knitting and would love to knit a sweater with this beautiful yarn. Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. Marina

    This sweater is an excellent candidate for the wooden toggles from the button collection I inherited from my grandma!

  81. Jennifer Mendelsohn

    I have wanted to make an Icelandic sweater for awhile now. Maybe this one for my daughter. Lovely colors!

  82. Linda R

    I love this sweate! I would love the chance to develop my stranded colorwork skills. Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. Kara

    I’ve been interested in getting into colorwork for a while. This one does it beautifully. I like how the design flows between the colors.

  84. Marsha

    I’ve been trying to decide on a sweater to start on now that the weather’s getting cooler, but haven’t been able to settle on anything. Until now—I think this is the winner!

  85. Sarah Troupe

    I love the idea of a sweater as light as air! I’m intrigued by the yarn and the design. I grew up wearing colour work sweaters and would love to make this!

  86. Suzanne Turgeon

    I love this pattern! The design, colors and a cardigan! I am a big fan of Berroco yarns but haven’t tried this one yet.

  87. tiffanie

    The last sweater I knit was a lopi pullover. I have been daydreaming of a cardigan every since. When I saw Glaswegian in the fall Knitty I knew I’d found the one. 🙂

  88. Sylvie

    My very first colorwork project was a hat knit out of plötulopi. It’s a little fiddly to work with because it’s unspun, but the finished fabric is lovely. I lightly felted the finished hat and it’s impressively water resistant.

  89. Emily

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever knit anything with an unspun roving-type yarn. I’ve always thought it sounds like it would make for a fantastic sweater, and I’d love to give it a try!

  90. Lynn

    My first knitting project was a sweater with chunky Icelandic wool. 3 weeks knitting (over a spring vacation in college) and it was done. People still laugh when I wear it. This is so much more sophisticated!

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