WWW: We’re back! Here’s a little catchup

Hi, lovely knittyBlog readers! We’re back!

Did you miss it? Jillian posted something important yesterday.

And now it’s my turn to catch you up on some fibery highlights from the Web.

Oh, Humulus, you are hummmmmmmmulicious!

Let’s start with this: the winner of March Mayhem, hosted by our friends at Mason-Dixon Knitting


A confession: this sweater, Humulus, was my favorite from the first viewing.

Another confession: because I liked this sweater so much, when voting for the first round where one had to choose a whole whack of patterns they wanted to advance to the next round, I got overwhelmed and closed the window instead. (The same thing happens to me when I’m in a really great yarn shop and I want everything. I buy nothing.)

In any case, kudos to Isabell Kramer, who we have not yet had the honor to publish in our pages. Let’s see what I can do about that…

A few other notes to catch you up on the Knitty doings around the web…

Did you know:

  • I am now Instagramming cool knitting-only stuff, including great photos of Knitty pattern WIPs and FOs, cool techniques, and amazing things others have created with yarn. (My personal Instagram is still over here with pics of knitting, rabbit, boyfriend, travel, and whatever else I take pretty pictures of.)
  • I added a new way for our readers to support us, if they wanted to but aren’t into the Patreon thing: knitty.me is automated, almost totally fuss-free and reliable as heck. There’s a link to a Paypal option on that page as well, if you prefer Paypal over credit cards.

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