Sampling Miss Babs Fiber

Miss Babs BFL
Miss Babs BFL

Did you know Miss Babs has spinning fiber? I saw it announced on her Instagram and hopped right on over to shop.

Miss Babs has colors that are beautiful with so much variety in tone and depth. Plus Babs and all of her employees are the nicest people!

I bought 8 ounces of two colors on BFL, Coffee Break and Deep Sea Jellyfish. She has added more colors since the last time I looked; someone hide my credit card.

She has BFL, BFL/silk, Merino, Merino/silk, and Merino/bamboo/silk bases.  Her descriptions say they are roving, but they sure look and feel like top to me.

Her colors are divided into Wild Iris – not repeatable and Babette – repeatable-ish, every braid is a little different.



Just a pinch

The fiber came very fast (yay!). I have no idea what I want to do with any of the fiber, so I did my most favorite thing. Everyone cheer together – I sampled.

When i have a finite amount of fiber, I strip off a little bit. I used .5 ounce of each color for four samples.

I spun my default yarn – woolen draft, dk-light worsted weight in a 2-ply. I plied each color on itself, I plied them to each other, and I drafted the colors together and plied it on itself.

These are super quick samples, more for color and feel. I ply the samples off of my hand and knit tiny swatches, about 12 stitches.

I just want an idea. If something makes me curious, I would do another bigger sample.


Spun up and finished



Here are my tiny skeins.

Left to right, Coffee Break on itself, Deep Sea Jellyfish on itself, Coffee Break and Deep Sea Jellyfish plied together, and Coffee Break and Deep Sea JellyFish drafted together and plied together.





12 stitch swatches


My tiny 12-stitch swatches tell me so much.

First off, I do not like the the colors mixed or blended together in any way.

It took this exercise for me to notice that there is a fair amount of dark in the Deep Sea Jellyfish. In my mind it was relentlessly and fabulously just bright pink.

Putting it together with the darker Coffee Break stole the brightness.

Plus, I like them very much plied with themselves.

The Miss Babs team does a great job dyeing. The fiber wan’t compacted at all and there was no dye residue when I finished my yarns.

I already want some more, but first I have to spin these little jewels!




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