NwRSA – PNW Spinners Are Amazing

A giant felted spinning wheel!

What I didn’t really realize when I said yes to teaching at the NwRSA conference this year is just how many spinners there are in the upper left hand corner of the US. The North West Regional Spinners Association conference is a whole bunch of guilds coming together. It was all spinning all the time and it was wonderful!

I taught Yarnitecture and the Gist of Grist to very enthusiastic and talented spinners. The conference was in a hotel in Olympia and we pretty much took over.

The main ballroom was ours and it was full of a gallery (check out the giant felted spinning wheel!), vendors and spinners from the morning to 11 at night. There was a banquet with the ferociously talented Andrea Love as a speaker. She is the stop-motion animator and felt artist who did the short film, Revolution, for Hansen.



Andrea Love, grist mess, our spinning room and Elizabeth Palmer’s gorgeous tunic.



The spinners here were so welcoming, I drifted around to different groups and never stopped talking. The first person I met was from Michigan, the second is a University of Buffalo alum (Go Bulls!). I asked so many questions about weaving and everyone’s spinning projects and received such thoughtful answers. It was a weekend where no one was in a hurry and everyone luxuriated in their craft and their friends.






Rug hooking and Tasmanian Comebck

I did the tiniest amount of shopping, but managed to discover a new dyer and pick up a new craft. I bought fiber from Fleebers Farm (she doesn’t have an online shop yet). Yes, that says Tasmanian Comeback for breed. She explained it as a Merino bred to a Longwool sheep then bred back to a Merino, I can’t wait to try it.

After three years of circling rug hooking, Judy Taylor’s kits finally made me jump. I bought a small kit (the sheep one) to try hooking with yarn, but already have my eye on a large rug that uses wool strips.

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