TNNA 2018 – Things That Aren’t Knitting

The Dress at Freia Fibers
The Dress at Freia Fibers

Amy, Kate and I are just back from the annual National Needlework Association convention, where we get to touch yarns and plan with yarn companies and designers. Amy posted to the Knitty Instagram all about the knitting side while we were there.

I get so caught up in looking and touching new fiber things and the hugging of friends that I forget to take pictures, but I have a few.

I do have to mention one yarn company that always makes me smile with their creativity, Freia Fibers. That dress is knit from

Amy, Tina and the Yarn Bomb

their gradient yarns. I have a crush on Tina’s yarn akin to the crush I had on Noro in the 1990s. She has a new giant gradient ball called a Yarn Bomb, 860 yards of fingering weight Merino. There is a shawl in my future.

There were a few other yarns that turned my head, Cashmere People, Kellbourne Woolens new Faroe imported yarn, and Jade Sapphire’s entire range of cashmere yarns.




There were quite a few companies with spinning fiber, I think the most I’ve ever seen at TNNA. I took no pictures, I was too busy touching. My spinning representative is Roy G. Pig from Oink Pigments, who had delicious fiber. Here are the companies I saw and touched with fiber: Oink Pigments, Frabjous Fiber, Dragonfly Fiber,  DM Fibers, Ashford Wheels and Looms, Lorna’s Laces, Malabrigo, Manos, Anzula, and Elemental Affects. I’m sure there were more.





Just a tiny bit of the beauty at Brooklyn Haberdashery



The biggest growth area this year that wasn’t knitting was stitching, embroidery and cross stitch mostly. I saw several companies selling the quick to stitch types of samplers that I love, but the thing that had my head spinning were all of the gorgeous notions. Brooklyn Haberdashery had the most amazing things, but their booth was so packed I could never get in!

The thing that lots of people, were talking about, but wasn’t represented was punch needle embroidery.



Schacht Easel Weaver and Louet Erica


You’ll notice that I haven’t mention weaving, the craft that I keep dancing around. Well, at this show I stepped fully into the weaving soul train. There was great weaving at the show. Purl and Loop had their new woven earrings, Ashford was there, Kromski premiered a new rigid heddle loom. Schacht has a great new Easel Weaver, it’s an I style loom with a kickstand, genius. I can’t wait to play with it.


Me and my Erica, scampering out the door.




Louet was there too with their amazing Erica loom. It’s a table loom that’s 2+2. It comes with two shafts with the option of adding two more. Which to me means weaving twill!  It’s a great step up from a rigid heddle without investing in a floor loom. Reader, I bought one. When I’ll have the time to learn about the loom and weaving with four shafts will remain to be seen, but she’s sitting on my dining room table singing me a little song.

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