WWW: Politics impacts a small knitting business; WWKIP 2018; TNNA weekend!

Heather Breadner, owner of Aberdeens Yarn Shop in LIndsay, Ontario (photo by Yanjun Li/CBC)
Heather Breadner, owner of Aberdeens Yarn Shop in LIndsay, Ontario (photo by Yanjun Li/CBC)

A Canadian yarn shop whose owner did everything possible to abide by US law was rejected entry at the border for what appears to be an error. This has resulted in a huge financial hit and concerns that those who accompanied her will have trouble entering the US in the future. There seems to be no doubt that this is a result of the US government’s new trade legislation regarding Canadian imports.

If you want to see (and maybe support) the yarn shop in question online, they’re here. I’m heading up to the Kawarthas later in the summer and will be sure to visit and see what I can do to help offset their financial losses with a little personal stash enhancement.

Were you able to participate in the World Wide Knit in Public day this past Saturday? Here are a few stories that will help you feel like you travelled the world with fellow knitters:

so much cute!

Jillian and I are off to TNNA tomorrow! If you’re attending and you see us, stop and say hi! This year, we’re giving out the cutest zipper pulls ever.

A note from us both: We are attending TNNA, and – in fact – continuing to publish Knitty thanks to our Patrons and Members. Without them, we would not exist, let alone flourish and be able to reach out to industry professionals like we will this weekend. If you are one of our supporters, THANK YOU. We get so inspired from TNNA, meeting colleagues, planning new designs, finding out what’s new in yarn and tools and notions and bags, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

In fact, I have a TNNA surprise planned for our Patrons, and I’ll email you when it’s ready. (Want in? Just become a Patron at any level!)


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