Tour de Fleece Update, Sheepspot Breed Club, TdF Tip

My TdF spin, a Homestead Hobbyist sock blend in Deepwood

The Tour de Fleece is underway and people are spinning up a storm!

Take a peek at the Instagram hashtag #tourdefleece2018 there are already close to 2,000 posts. I

t’s all so inspiring. If f I’m honest it inspires me to shop as much as it makes me want to spin, there is so much beautiful fiber.

What fiber are you spinning?





The Sheepspot Fiber Club is open!

Looking for a breed study or fiber club? How about both? The Sheepspot Fiber Club is now open!

Working with commercially prepped fiber, you can learnabout a different breed every month and spin some beautifully dyed fiber as you learn.




Day 1 of the TdF for me, soccer!

Here’s my biggest tip for the Tour de Fleece: Have fun!

Don’t set goals you know will make you stress or hurt your body. You don’t have to spin a mile or poundage from your stash. My goal is 4 ounces, that’s it. To spin a little every day for the Tour. I’m not watching the Tour either, I’m watching the World Cup and Netflix. I might watch the last day of the Tour, but bike racing just isn’t interesting to me.

Here’s something I have to tell myself over and over, social media is only an option. You don’t have to post on social media and please don’t compare yourself to the spinners on social media. I love to look at what everybody is spinning, but as soon as I start hearing that little voice in my head telling me I should do more, I close my app. Sometimes social media takes all of the fun out of things.

Be good to yourself and have fun spinning!

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