Back to School Spinning

Fall spun singles
Fall spun singles

How do you celebrate back to school time?

If you have kids, there’s the relief of getting fall routines back. Maybe you can find the time for some extra spinning.

Everyone enjoys buying new school supplies, for spinners it may mean a new spinning journal or some new small tools.

Organization is in the air in the fall. I know I’m more of a fall cleaner and organizer than a spring cleaner.

Fall is a great time to set yourself up for your own learning. What spinning skills do you want to learn next? Will you take classes online, at a local shop or at a fiber show, or use books, magazines or the knowledge of your spinning tribe?

Now is the time to get ready for Spinzilla. Are you joining a team or spinning rogue? What will you spin?

A favorite of many spinners is making shopping lists ( and for some, shopping strategies) for the big fall fiber festivals.

School starts here after US Labor Day, and I have plans.

Since I work at home, I am adding spinning during lunch to my routine. I may add watching an episode of GLOW to that spinning lunch too.

I’ll be getting ready for fall teaching, organizing tools, samples and fiber. I even have a teaching fiber inventory system now (terrifying, but so useful). I’m already organizing my teaching for 2019 and have two gigs already booked for 2020.

I am making a very detailed shopping list for the fall. I’m teaching at shows and retreats that have great vendors, and spinning goodies, Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Vermont Sheep and Wool, WEBS Spinning Summit, SAFF, and the Ross Farm’s Magical Fiber Fantasy Retreat at Disney World. I love to make plans for shopping, but usually when I get to a shop or marketplace I get very excited and buy all of the things.

I love how fall kicks my spinning, spinning thinking and spinning shopping into high gear.

How are you celebrating fall?

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