Labeling Handspun; PLY Away 4 Registration is Open

My current tag
So little info on this skein of yarn.

One of the things I do to get ready for winter spinning, knitting and weaving is label my miscellaneous skeins of handspun. I’m pretty good at labeling my yarn, but a few still get through.  I’m not always thorough at labeling either.

I tag my just-to-spin skeins with a tyvek wristband and the basics of the yarn – fiber, company, yardage (before finishing), and that’s pretty much it. I like to go back and add a little detail to these skeins.




My current tag

I do this so when I want to knit or weave with my handspun that’s wasn’t specifically spun for the project I know what I’ve got. WPI, YPP, Ply, Bumps Per Inch, plus any other details I have. I use a big hangtag, and work over a few days or weeks. It’s very relaxing and I get a great sense of accomplishment.

Other Organizing

When I pull out all of my spin-to-spin skeins, I’m forced to go through my immediate stash. This is the stash I was going to spin right away. The reality is it could be a week old or a month old. Some of the fiber will stay, some will get filed away into deeper stash. Fiber is very patient.

I clear out odds and ends of fibers and yarns, deciding to keep them for carding or trash them. This is the perfect time to organize my end-of-the-bobbin single yarns too. I wind them onto storage bobbins and judge if I have enough to make a jumble yarn.

When I’m all organized, I feel like I’m ready for any project winter throws my way.


PLY Away 4!

Are You Coming to PLY Away 4?

PLY Away 4 registration is open ! A few classes are already sold out, so register if there is something you are excited to take.

I was able to arrange my schedule (Thanks Jacey!) so I could take a class. I’m taking Judith’s Paper Spinning class, so excited!

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