Back to the Basics

Back to the BFL basics

My husband recently unearthed my old iPod and replaced the battery. It’s packed with old songs that I still like and all of the memories that go along with them.

What I really like about this iPod is that it’s connected to nothing, no phone, no internet, no notifications of any kind. It’s just me and the music.




BFL Singles

I’ve been in a little bit of spinning slump. I don’t have many deadlines right now and I’m not doing much spinning.

I’m still excited about spinning and I’m certainly still buying fiber. I want to spin all of my beautiful fiber.

I decided to try something that’s the spinning equivalent of my click wheel iPod.



Back to the BFL basics

There was a time when what I liked to spin the most was BFL, low-twist, singles. I spun A LOT of BFL singles, enough that I got sick of them and stopped.

I grabbed some BFL and spun, no pressure, just fun spinning. My hands remembered exactly what to make, and the yarn is chef-kiss fabulous.

I think there will be more BFL singles on my wheel.

Click wheels and BFL singles, I need to remember that sometimes I have to go back to the basics to move on.

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