Holiday Gifts for Spinners

Hiding cookies from my family #win

Still looking for gifts for your spinning family? Or do you still need to drop some big hints for gifts for yourself?

Here are a few ideas:

51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off by Jacey Faulkner. Work your way through the spinning of 51 different yarns. It’s a fun ride and you won’t be the same spinner after you finish.

Raw Material: Working Wool in the West by Stephany Wilkes. A fascinating book that tells the story of the education of a sheep shearer, and the story of what it takes to make a sheep to needles, or sheep to factory yarn.


Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2. If this Thumbelina wheel appeals to you and you want to be part of the Kickstarter, there are only 9 more days to back the project.

A digital scale. I use my scale almost every day. I weigh fiber to blend or spin. I use it when I’m dividing onto storage bobbins, and use it to weigh dyes and fiber for dyeing. My scale cost less than $25 and it’s one of those tools I never lend out.




My self care includes hiding cookies from my family #win

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and play!

Last year I built myself a spinning basket full of the fiber I wanted to spin, and project bags of other crafts to do during the holiday down time. I even added my favorite box of cookies hidden in the fiber.

I like to plan fun times with my fiber group during, or even better, after the holiday rush. Some of the things we do together are, go to craft/fiber shows, have a batt making party, trade stash, and our favorite thing is to have a potluck, movie watching afternoon of crafting.

Take some time and treat yourself kindly, the craze and daze can be stressful.

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