WWW: animals in knit & crochet and emerging artists exhibit

When I need a visual pick-me-up, I often turn to the miniature crochet animals of the Su Ami family of knitters and crocheters (Vietnam). This fox is adorable!

Moving toward full-sized animals, the work of artist Michele Beevors (New Zealand) recently caught my eye. She is knitting a 4m-high subadult African giraffe skeleton from a specimen at the Otago Museum.

Her work reminded me of Ruth Marshal’s (Australia-America) big cats and Australian animals from a few years ago. (Marshall’s Ocelot #1 is pictured.)

The Burke Prize 2018, the future of craft (part 2) is on view through March 17, 2019 at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York, USA). It showcases emergent voices “grounded in one of the core materials of the studio craft movement—glass, fiber, clay, metal, or wood—in today’s interdisciplinary environment they are expanding the field by incorporating unexpected materials and creating conceptual dimension through performance and digital media. Their work is conscious of and engages with space and can be used as a tool of protest and sociopolitical commentary.” Including the work of Merritt Johnson whose Door between worlds (Animal), 2018 is of handwoven palm fiber. (via Jill)

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