A Tip to Save a Bit of Fiber

Nest Fiber Studio Chasing Deer on mixed BFL.
Nest Fiber Studio Chasing Deer on mixed BFL.

The easiest answers to spinning troubles are my favorite.

When I spin a dyed braid I like to save a narrow strip of unspun fiber to have a record of the fiber’s colors before I spin it. What usually happens is I find that strip sometime during the spinning and spin it into my yarn. I’ve never found a good way to differentiate the piece of fiber.

Scrolling through Instagram one morning I saw that Alanna Wilcox (spinnybuns) has the perfect simple solution. Chain that strip of fiber fiber. So smart and  so easy.

The chained fiber lets me know this is something other than fiber to spin, and hopefully I won’t spin it. I can study the color pattern as I chain it and take a moment to decide (again) how I want the colors to play out in my yarn. Plus the tiny chain is so cute!

The fiber in the photo is from Nest Fiber Studio. I talked about it in more depth on my personal blog last week.


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